Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Full Heat by Carla Swafford Netgalley ARC Review!


From the author of Hidden Heat (“Filled with action, deception, and emotional and sexual tension.”—Publishers Weekly), the Brothers of Mayhem MC rides again in an explosive novel of wounded hearts and undeniable heat.
Forget shining armor. Motorcycle shop owner Mary Jane Parker could use a knight in black leather right about now. A local gang has been extorting her for protection money, and standing her ground would be a lot easier with the Brothers of Mayhem at her back. She just needs to convince the club’s new president to take the job. The powerful, brooding biker claims he’s not interested—but if his version of tough love is supposed to be punishment, Mary Jane would gladly misbehave for the rest of her life.
Storm Ryder has no interest in rescuing anyone but himself. He spent three agonizing years in prison, and there’s no way in hell he’s going back, not over a spoiled rich girl who’s flirting with trouble. So why does he find himself craving Mary Jane’s lips—and holding her close when he should be pushing her away? Deep down in his tortured soul, Storm knows she’ll be there for him. And when Mary Jane needs him most, he’ll find the courage to give her everything he’s got.


So truthfully, this book did not do it for me like I thought it would. I mean, it had a great storyline and interesting enough characters and was even a good read. But I felt like I read this story before even though I technically didn't. Same type of plot, MC type of book, it just left me feeling blah about the whole thing.

Now don't get me wrong, the story itself was good. It didn't lack much except with how it made me feel. I don't know if I read so many MC books before that maybe I just got a bit burned out or if I just had an off moment or two with this book, but it didn't really stand out too much. The author did a great job too! The writing is more then good, it was really fascinating as well as the plot. I just think I over did it with so many MC books in the past. I still recommend this book because I know that many other readers will L-O-V-E it even if I didn't. So go ahead, grab the book and don't take what I had to say in this review too harshly. The characters, plot, writing, and romance will leave most readers breathless. I just need to lay off the MC books so I can hopefully find more joy in the next book. 

Full Heat gets only a TWO AND A HALF STARS! Just because this story didn't whet my whistle, I know this will entertain and delight MC romance fans everywhere. 

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