Monday, June 13, 2016

Vampire In Geek's Clothing by Cassandra Lawson ARC Review!


She is a hunter being hunted by her own kind.

Never tell anyone who you are. Never tell anyone what you are. Those have been the rules Phoenix has lived by for the last five years, and breaking them could get her killed. That has meant living alone and avoiding getting attached to anyone. Isaiah makes her long for a normal life, but when she discovers he has secrets of his own, Phoenix is left wondering if a future with Isaiah is even possible.

He is a vampire who will do anything to protect her.

Isaiah has never been tempted to have more than one night with any woman, but that all changes when he meets a beautiful barista who makes him wonder if he’s inherited the Draksel family stalker gene. Even when he learns that everything she’s told him is a lie, he finds himself unable to walk away from Phoenix. Isaiah has no clue how he’s going to convince her to trust him, but now that he’s found a woman who finds his nerdy ways sexy, he has no intention of letting her go.


 OMG WHAT A FUN, CRAZY, SEXY ROMANCE WITH ONE HOT HOT HOOOOOT GEEK! I freaking ADORED Isaiah. He is NOT your average nerd either. He is wonderfully sweet, caring, surprisingly dominant, and very protective of Phoenix. This story is my favorite so far in Miss Cassandra Lawson's Psy-Vamp series. The sex was spectacularly HOT and incredibly pant worthy. I was amazed at how much I really liked both Phoenix and Isaiah. Both are shy, but that doesn't stop either of them from the passion that simmers and ignites in each other's presence.

And the action...WOW! Plenty of action and danger following Phoenix but lucky for her, Isaiah and his family are the crazy, fun, AWESOME kind that welcome her into their lives and do everything to protect her. FREAKING AMAZING! I enjoyed seeing old faces and I had plenty of giggles with some of them too. I like how much fun this story was even amidst all the danger. Cassandra Lawson is one of those authors that can make you smile, sigh in pleasure, and anticipate the next book with her incredible writing. I don't think there is a book yet, that I didn't enjoy. And this Psy-Vamp series is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES! I  CAN NOT WAIT too see what else will be next!

Vampire In Geek's Clothing gets a SPECTACULAR FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Fun, crazy, decadent, and full of love, passion and romance, and laughs, this book is a definite favorite of mine.

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