Monday, June 13, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Meat by Opal Carew!


Just one taste isn't enough…

I ran into Rex Keene—literally—when I was trying to catch my flight and his muscled, tattooed arms stopped my fall. 
Then our flight gets canceled, and we're stranded in the same hotel room ended up being the steamiest night of my life. 
All I knew is that I had to see him again.

I just didn’t expect him to show up a week later in the restaurant I manage…as our new head chef. 
But the generous, tender man I spent that night with is gone; instead he’s arrogant, demanding, and terrorizing the staff.
But he won’t give up until we’re together – and I’m not sure I can stay away. 
Which man is real? 


I FREAKING LOVED MEAT BY OPAL CAREW! Rex was sexy, sweet, caring, an incredible dominant yet a gentlemen at the same time, in AND out of the bedroom with Rebecca. Rebecca is sweet, kind, a wonderful manager, but loved Rex's dominance in the bedroom and his sweetness too. The only thing that bothered me a bit, was the instant trust that developed with the Dom/sub relationship. But honestly, as caring as a Dom he was, I am not sure I can really complain about it. The story was sensational and melted my heart, and weakened by knees all at once!

I loved this romance to pieces! Rex was and is one of the most sensual and sweetest heroes I have ever read about. I loved his caring nature and intimidating stance. There wasn't one instance where I truly thought he was an ass. Just AMAZING!

Meat gets a GIVE ME MORE OF THIS TYPE OF STORY PLEASE, FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I loved this story from start to finish and I am eager for another taste from Opal Carew!

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