Tuesday, August 30, 2016

ARC Review - Private Wolf by TL Reeve!


Shawn Blu, tracker and private investigator, has come home. As a pack tracker, he’s ready to defend Los Lobos and use his contacts to find pack members and bring them back into the fold. So, when Miss Fern, his aunt, asks him to find Brienne Talbert, he’s happy to help out. What he isn’t expecting is to find his mate.

Brienne left home at sixteen, knowing she’d return to the Black Hills and Los Lobos one day. As it stands, in six months she’ll graduate with her master’s degree and there’s no way anyone will stop her now. However, when the hunky slab of wolf Shawn Blu shows up with a tempting offer—a week with her pack, no strings attached—she’s willing to reconsider her harsh stance about not going home.

When one weekend turns into a mating she hadn’t planned on, will she be able to leave it all behind and return to school, or will the call of her pack be too much to turn her back on?


Private Wolf was a lot of fun and full of sexiness! I loved that we get some meddling relatives that seem to be into matchmaking and that made me smile. Brienne and Shawn were a fantastic combustible couple too! The moment they meet back up, I felt things heat up and get hot. But when they finally make love, DAMN! I felt like the pages just caught on fire. I loved the intensity of the mating and the coaxing and seduction that came along with it. TL Reeve knows how to weave a story full of fantastic paranormal activity and smoking scenes full of passion and fire. Her characters are always entertaining and full of spirit while the romance is a guarantee to win you over.

I think I can say that Private Wolf is my new favorite in the Black Hills Wolves series! Shawn is so handsome and full of charm and pure alpha he nearly makes me swoon while Brienne is a combination of sweet and sassy that makes me wish she was real so I can befriend her. She holds an innocence that I can relate to as well as a hidden sensuality that is hard to ignore. 

I give Private Wolf a HOWLING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I loved this book from start to finish and I am already anticipating the next one. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND those that love a good paranormal romance, to pick up this book and prepare for a great read!

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