Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Mind Mates by Mary Hughes!


Pretty little shifter, wizard prince—their taboo love could burn the barriers between worlds.

Shifter Emma Singer has more problems than she can shake her pretty little wolf tail at. Her heirloom journal is missing, her pack alpha wants her for his harem, and her family plans to sell her to him. Even her wicked little crush on her hot boss is doomed—why would six-and-a-half feet of handsome royal wizard want a boring, good-girl iota shifter like her? Not to mention her only power is going berserker—that's a real relation-shipwreck!

Gabriel Light is a wizard prince who turned his back on his exceptional powers after he was accused of causing his parents' death. Now he pours his intellect into his tech business, and hides his naughty, forbidden lust for his pretty shifter clerk. But when his sister is imprisoned, and Emma is kidnapped, it's time for this alpha geek-wizard to decloak with all laser cannons blazing. Only one problem—how can he be sure Emma won’t get caught in the crossfire?

Then Gabriel and Emma stumble on hidden magic, a key to power beyond imagining—if they can stay alive long enough to use it. But if Emma unleashes her berserker wolf on their enemies, can Gabriel draw her back from the brink before she destroys everyone in her path?

Warning: Contains a hot wizard prince panting to bring out a good-girl shifter's naughty side. Accidental voyeurism, deliberate orgasms, a jealous rival wizard, and fun with prophecy.

Don't miss this sexy, thrilling, paranormal romance--get your copy of Mind Mates today!


Mind Mates by Mary Hughes was such a sexy, engrossing, delicious paranormal romance romp! I loved how completely different, magical, and unique the story and plot was. I fell in love with Gabriel and Emma! I loved their passion and their personalities. The moment they meet on the pages, I feel like their chemistry sizzle and snap. 

Outside of the magical and delicious romance, the adventures are so heart-pounding good! I feel like every turn of the page brought twists and turns you don't quite see coming. Truly enjoyable. The writing was excellent too!

Mind Mates by Mary Hughes gets a SNAPPING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its a breathtaking, sexy, magical romp you don't want to miss!

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