Wednesday, August 10, 2016

ARC Review - Royally Screwed by LJ Vickery!


Huxley Abelard lives and fights alongside the immortals of the Blue Hills as a human, but he’s always felt something…more. A prophecy foretells that a mortal will ascend to become a god in the Underworld, but Hux’s wicked past could cost him the throne and the sexy doctor who haunts his days and nights. He can’t imagine a decent woman wanting a man who has done the things he’s done to survive. 

Doctor Dani-Lee Whitehill has loved and lusted for Huxley since the first moment she laid eyes on him. Unfortunately, he's made it quite clear that, although he's attracted to her, he'd rather cut off his male parts than get them anywhere near her. She’s willing to play by his hands-off rules, but desire may quickly erode her patience and when it does, Hux could be royally screwed.


I LOOOOVED the surprises and the sexual tension that spiraled out of control between Huxley and Dani-Lee! This story is even more wickedly delicious, full of adventure and action, and had so many twists, I was constantly on edge. LJ Vickery does it again with her newest sexy as sin Immortals story. 

Huxley fights his attraction to Dani-Lee but I have to admit, Dani-Lee made it impossible with her incredible sassy yet sweet personality. When Huxley gives in to his desire, I swear, I thought they were going to burn my ereader to nothing but ashes with how HOT some of those sex scenes were. So many surprises and twists combined with our unique plot and storyline, Royally Screwed just became my new favorite read! I loved Huxley and Dani-Lee and their romance!

Royally Screwed gets a ROYAL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its breathtaking, sexy, with our stubborn hero and our sassy heroine. This story is a MUST-BUY!

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