Monday, August 29, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Wicked Bond by Sawyer Bennett!


Bridger Payne is an enigma that no one can figure out. Wise beyond his years, eerily intuitive and sexy as hell, every woman in The Silo wants him.
None can have him.
Not the real man, anyway.
He might wield the lash for you if you ask prettily, but he’ll get no gratification from it. He’ll definitely make you scream, but he won’t think twice about you when he walks away.
Bridger carries the darkest of secrets He’s filled with too much pain.
He’s utterly untouchable.
Until she came along.


DAMN, Wicked Bond had me in tears, smiling and squirming. This story had my emotions all over the place, and yet, I wouldn't have it any other way. I loved how suspenseful and dangerous some of the story was, and how resilient both Bridger and Maggie were with their pasts. Even though there was a lot of super HOT scenes, I was amazingly touched how our hero Bridger overcame his past to let Maggie into his heart. It took a bit of time, but with Maggie's incredible strong character, she manages to get Bridger to open up to a relationship. And Bridger shows Maggie what making love, with kink, can be like, and oh boy, that was hotter and sexier then I could of imagined!

This story might have a few triggers for some people. But the author did such an amazing job with writing the scenes and plot and how the characters overcame everything that came their way throughout the story. It truly is a great story.

Wicked Bond easily gets a SMOLDERING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It is both emotional and sweet with that delectable kink we come to know and love with a one of Sawyer Bennett's Wicked Horse books. DEFINITELY A MUST READ!

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