Friday, November 11, 2016

ARC Review - Impossible Girl (A Sexy Nerd Boys novella) by K. M. Neuhold!


The only thing more difficult than catching her, is keeping her.

I’ve spent the last four years in self-imposed celibacy. It was going fine until I met her. Remy Harris, the wild eyed vixen no man can pin down. She’s more than willing to have a good time, but I’m looking for so much more than that. 

Love ‘em and leave ‘em. It’s safer that way. In my experience all men are looking for is a good time anyway. It’s better to give them what they want and walk away before they can do the same to you. When I needed a calculus tutor I never expected to find one who’s Since when are nerds so hot? 

**While every book in this series can be read as a stand alone, you will likely get more enjoyment from Impossible Girl if you've read Worth the Wait and Naughty Angel first


Oh that Dex had one of the most SEXIEST drawls I have come across in a book in a LONG time! Even though I couldn't actually hear him, as I was reading I could picture what he looked like as well as what he sounded like and DAMN...he was totally gorgeous! Remy she is a different type of woman. She has no issues showing the world that a girl can have and enjoy sex...that it doesn't mean it makes one a slut. I loved her strong personality and she held a hidden...sweetness that definitely made her endearing.

Dex and Remy made a wonderful couple and I enjoyed their story. I loved how everything came together for them and enjoyed every second of their romance and the tug of war of the heart that went on. This book was charming and sweet, and about the kind of love that really does last. Loved it!

Impossible Girl gets a SURPRISINGLY SWEET FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS!! I really enjoy these Sexy Nerdy Boys books and I can't wait to read the next one!

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