Wednesday, November 9, 2016

ARC Review - Protecting Melody by Susan Stoker!


Tex gave everything he had to his country and his SEAL teammates. When an IED took away part of his leg, and his career, he devoted himself to his country and friends from behind his computer. He’s always been the man that can find anyone, that uses his computer skills, legal and illegal, to keep people safe and to put the bad guys behind bars. 

But behind a computer is a lonely place to be. While he might put on a good front, Tex can’t help but feel he’s missing out when he sees how happy his friends are. But when the woman he’s been talking to online for the last six months suddenly disappears without a word, Tex knows it’s time to step up, and use his skills for himself this time. 

**Protecting Melody is the 7th book in the SEAL of Protection Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s recommended you read the books in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the series. 


Tex...Oh that sexy Tex! This felt a whole lot different yet had that similarity that I ADORE with Susan Stoker! I swear, these SEALS get better and better and the women that have their hearts are wonderful, sweet, kind, endearing and PERFECT for these SEALS...and Tex..he definitely get the BEST one with Melody. I fell in love with Tex from the very first book and he has intrigued and piqued my curiosity since then. When I finally started reading his story...I fell even harder for this sexy SEAL. Even with his missing leg, I think he is one of the most sexiest of the SEALS and I LOVED his protectiveness with Melody and his care that he took with her. More than that though, I ADORED how Melody took care of him and his sore stub of a leg when he was in pain. It felt like with this book, there was tenderness and equal caring between both partners.

I am honestly going to miss these SEALS of Protection series now that they ended. Susan Stoker's writing is phenomenal. The perfect blend of suspense and romance gets my heart pounding and my knees weak and it just makes me sigh and smile and completely happy. I LOVED THIS BOOK! 

Protecting Melody gets an AWESOME FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Tex and Melody melted my heart, had my heart hammering and left me a puddle of goo. I highly...I mean HIGHLY recommend this book..heck the WHOLE SEALS of Protection Series for some fantastic reading with the wonderful blend of suspense and romance.

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