Monday, November 21, 2016

ARC Review - Saving Savannah by Kathy Ivan


Recovering from a horrific ordeal, Savannah Sloane feels she’s finally moving forward with her life. But when reminders of the nightmare she survived begin arriving, her worst fears come crashing back.

Haunted by memories of the woman he rescued, computer expert Stefan Carlisle, drops everything when Savannah calls. Rushing to San Diego, he’s intent on eliminating any threat to the woman he’s been unable to forget.

To win a twisted game of cat and mouse orchestrated by a monster, Stefan enlists the help of the Riverton SEAL team. Will it be enough to save Savannah, or will she be lost forever to a madman bent on revenge?


Saving Savannah is definitely a story in Susan Stoker's kindle worlds you DO NOT want to miss! Stunning, full of action and suspense, and delicious romance and our favorite characters from the SEALS of Protection series, this story was one that had me turning the pages happily just so I didn't miss a thing. I loved Stefan and Savannah are beautiful together. I felt like they completed each other beautifully and I loved how protective and caring Stefan was and how resilient Savannah was.

 Kathy Ivan is one outstanding writer. I was impressed with her story and now I want to go back, and reread EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HER BOOKS I have missed. This book definitely is a REAL WINNER and fits into Susan Stoker's Kindle World...magnificently!

Saving Savannah gets a SUSPENSFUL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Full of passion, full of action, and full of sparks, this wonderful crossover is one of the BEST I have read in a long time.

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