Friday, November 4, 2016

ARC Review - Protecting Jessyka by Susan Stoker!

Kason “Benny” Sawyer was the last single man on his Navy SEAL team. He loved his teammates like brothers and respected each and every one of their women. They’d all been through hell and they deserved their current happiness. But seeing the love between his friends and their women made it tough to be the odd man out all the time. 

Jessyka Allen had a good life, until it wasn’t anymore. Finding herself in an impossible situation, with no noticeable way out, her job was an escape. Working at the small Bar and Grill put her in contact with some wonderful people, who Jess figured couldn’t ever understand what she was going through. 

Being a SEAL, Benny thought he knew the true meaning of teamwork and friendship. But Jess would show him that everything he thought he knew about sacrifice, trust, and love, paled in comparison to what she brought into his world. 

**Protecting Jessyka is the 6th book in the SEAL of Protection Series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s recommended you read the books in order to get maximum enjoyment out of the series. 


There is definitely a difference in this book that you didn't get in the previous books and I can honestly say it worked PERFECTLY with this one! Benny and Jessyka were downright cute and wonderful. I loved the protection Benny provides for Jessyka while at the end, we get a twist that just somehow..worked. 

One of the things I can say that has really appealed to me with these books is, Susan Stoker enjoyes writing about heroines who are Damsels In Distress and I myself love them. She does such a spectacular job created caring SEALs that are protective AND caring and charming and definitely sexy as all get out. The sex is always sweet, heart-melting, and at times HOTTER THAN FIRE! Jessyka is such a sweetheart. She cares about people and she is so strong and really a great match for Benny. And Benny does a great job of being the kind of man any woman would cherish.

  • Protecting Jessyka had a few twists, plenty of suspense, sweet passionate romance and a plot that just works so beautifully with the story. I give this a STUNNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Once you start, you too will sigh a plenty, be on the edge holding your breath and wish you were Jessyka just so you could too be held by one of the most wonderful SEALs I have had the privilege to read about.

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