Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review of Be Nice: Nice People Can Succeed. A Practical Guide for a Mean World by Anthony Casuccio

Music entrepreneur Anthony Casuccio shares stories of how being nice and doing the “right thing” (no matter how hard or embarrassing) in a crazy business, has created opportunities for him both professionally and personally.

You will discover that:
• Being nice is not a sign of weakness
• Living a life with integrity greatly increases your chance of success
• People like to be around others that radiate positive energy
• Treating others with respect, gives you a clear conscience
• No one has the right to judge other people except a judge

Anthony Casuccio is a music entrepreneur
whose work has been nominated for Grammy awards, topped the charts and received gold record status. With over 20 years in the music industry he has worked on thousands of albums, composed jingles that have run on radio and TV across the nations. He is the owner of an audio production company, runs a record label and teaches recording techniques on the college level, all while spending time with his family.
When I was first asked if I would do a review for this book that has nothing to do with romance, I thought, "I don't know, I am not a How to Guide type of girl" but when I checked out the blurb and seen the title I realized this could help all sorts of wonderfully nice, normal people succeed. So immediately after that thought, I went ahead and accepted the review because, lets face it, us nice people sometimes are not sure if we can make it, especially in such a cold, cruel world.
There is a TON of great advice on ways for nice people to make it work in this world. Anthony's thoughts are realistic and thorough and he seems to have a almost..therapeutic sense to each point he makes in this book. He is honest, to the point, and blunt without any meanness you would expect. Even though I don't normally read or rate this type of book because I am a FULL romance fan ALL the way, but just this once, I am glad I made a exception and I rate this at a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS. If you are wondering how to make it in this mean world, please pick up Anthony Casuccio's Be Nice: Nice People Can Succeed. A Practical Guide for a Mean World.

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