Saturday, February 1, 2014

Review of Matter of Choice by R.M. Alexander

I was intrigued about this story after I made a post letting authors know that I was taking new books to review on my blog and I was messaged about reviewing this book, so I immediately went and checked out the book on Amazon and when I seen this very pretty cover I was even more curious about  it. But the blurb was what captivated me the most...


Some promises can’t be kept. 

Shannon Winters’ picture perfect marriage is in shambles after a car accident left her husband an amnesiac. The commitment to vows he doesn’t remember making keeps her fighting while covering up the parade of other women and a spectacle of bad behavior. Her career as owner and manager at a successful boutique hotel alongside the Hudson River keeps is her refuge, but, at thirty-seven years old, what she craves is the bond to be repaired. 

Even twenty years after high school, Triston Keyes continues to be haunted by the memories of the girl he’d lost, the only woman he’s ever loved. When he meets Shannon during a vacation, he finally has the chance to apologize. It’s the only hope he has if he ever wants to fall in love with anyone else. 

Sparks rekindle between them, and Shannon struggles to find a reason to stay true to a broken marriage which is quickly crumbling as she gravitates towards the forgotten love. 

Until her husband pleas for her to come back. 

But when the depth of betrayal is revealed, Shannon must choose her vows-and her beloved hotel-or to remain true to her heart; while Triston must fight to keep the past from catching up to his future. 

Both know nothing is a matter of luck, but a matter of choice ….

This is a contemporary romance that contained so much emotion, turmoil, passion, stress, and romance. I can't say there was a lot of sex, but honestly, I thought this story was even more perfect because of it. Shannon was a sweet and loyal wife to a man that ended up with "amnesia" for two years and since he couldn't remember her, he cheated on her..constantly. This is where the loyalty came in to play. It hurt her BADLY to see her husband, Greg act like a total different person then the one before the accident. She couldn't leave him because she loved him dearly. But then came her ex-boyfriend from high school, Triston who was everything to her and who broke her heart. They see each other and the sparks still remain and Triston sees his second chance to make Shannon his. He learns she is married to Greg a cheater and a fake. He opens her eyes to what Greg really is and when she decides that the pain is too much and tries to leave him, he comes out of his amnesia..along with his lies and then she sees the man he really is. Triston is there the whole time for moral support and to let her know he won't make the same mistake twice and will be there for her, especially as things start to get ugly with Greg and his true self. I liked that there was more romance and wooing without actual intercourse as Triston tries to win back Shannon because to me, it showed how much Triston took Shannon seriously and didn't just see a body to sate his desires but a woman that stole his heart way back in high school. Triston showered affection and did so many romantic gestures for Shannon not because he wanted sex, but because he wanted to show her the depth of his love. I gave this a Four out of Five stars. The story is compelling and drew me in from the get go and had me wanting to know what would happen. I totally think this book is worth a second read..along with a third and fourth. If you want a romance that doesn't just revolve around sex and has a lot of emotion behind it, then I highly suggest you pick up R.M. Alexander's Matter Of Choice. I do NOT think you will be disappointed. I wasn't.

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