Monday, February 24, 2014

Review of Sex, Lies, and Sweet Tea by Kris Calvert

Hotter than hell and half of Alabama, FBI Agent, Mac Callahan is thirsty for everything except love. Coming home to bust a white-collar crime ring, Mac intends to execute his usual practice with work and women¬ – get in, get it on and get out. Instead, he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to the legacy of his family, his plantation, and the charms of a Southern girl. Samantha Peterson possesses everything he needs in a woman, including the evidence to wrap his case. As the investigation heats up, so does their passion and a dangerous game ignites. But, then again, everything’s hotter in the South.
Hello all, I am happy to say I am doing a review for another wonderful "new" (well new for me) author, Kris Calvert. Sex, Lies, and Sweet Tea is one book you will want to grab, along with some ice tea, a box of decadent chocolate and head to your favorite reading spot for a read that will leave you more then satisfied with a nice little grin on your face.
I really liked both Sam and Mac. They are both pleasing characters and just fun to read about. I really enjoyed how they first met, with Mac taking down a security guard from a nursing home his mother is in. Mac of course, was just in the wrong room and when the tenant gave a shout of fright, the nice security guard thought he needed to possibly take down Mac but I found it highly amusing as instead, Mac takes him down while explaining he was only looking for his mother's room and just got lost and went into the wrong room. That's when he sees Sam, all pretty and gazing on and he knows he just HAS to have her. Sam finds Mac both amazing and attractive. She feels an immediate reaction to him and in no time, Mac has Sam where he wants her the his bed!
In Sex, Lies, and Sweet Tea we get to see how Southern men are with their women and their loved ones. Sure makes me want to be in the South! I like how they treat their staff (cooks, butlers, nannies etc.) with respect and makes them feel like family. They never disregard what they say and sure never makes them feel unworthy just because of their status in the household and that, to me, is just plain fantastic.
Now one of the things that touched me and made me want to sniffle, was the very end of the book. I really enjoyed seeing something special from Mac's father and it sure was a doozy! Your curious now I bet, huh? Well to find out what I'm referring to you best be running to Amazon and grabbing up your copy to find out.
Sex, Lies, and Sweet Tea deserves a FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS in my book! It is a well written story with lots of passion, romance, light humor, and pleasant and caring characters. Its a feel good read that you will NOT want to miss.
Interested in buying Sex, Lies, and Sweet Tea by Kris Calvert? Click on the image on the right to go to the buy link at Amazon for your copy. 

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