Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Review of Size Matters by Robyn Peterman


A few hard truths...Don’t bet on Hasselhoff, Bigfoot might actually exist, and searching for the impossible may lead you to your heart’s desire... It’s a big fat hairy deal when I lose yet another bet to my best friend, Rena. Not only do I end up attending Bigfoot meetings with her kooky Aunt Phyllis, I find myself traveling with a band of reality TV, Sasquatch-hunting nut-jobs! Not to mention a suspiciously shady film crew. As if those little nuggets weren’t enough to send me on the express-train to Crazytown...I stupidly swore off men! Clearly all this would mess up any gal’s social life, but the worst part of the story? The minute I send my libido on vacation, I meet Mitch. Yep, Mitch, the sexiest cop ev-ah. The hottest, best kissing, finest tushied, SINGLE guy I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’d rather be hot on his trail than anything that involves the word Big or Foot. But sometimes what you’re hunting for has been right in front of you all along …


I was abso-freaking-lutely HAPPY to do a review for Size Matters. I knew after reading the first few sentences of chapter one I was in for another hilarious riot. Robyn Peterman creativity thrills and AMAZES me! I laughed, I cried, I was even speechless with the variety of words for the female bits. To say I couldn't put this book down is a understatement. Every time I went to put my kindle down to do something, I was smiling, anticipating what would happen next in the book until I couldn't stand it anymore and dived for my kindle again, eagerly devouring the words on the pages.
  I really thought Edith and Mrs. C were a real hoot! They seemed so mean yet by the end you actually find out they care..they just prefer hiding it behind a mask of insults (which were hilarious) and meanness. Boo and Mariah were really interesting to get to know. Boo was a psychic and such a tender hearted person and Mariah is a tiny woman with anger issues that tends to solve problems by breaking noses and kneeing testicles. She may sound like a man but when I found out why, I nearly cried. 
  Mitch is another HOT COP that has a  fetish with using handcuffs in the most delightful ways on Kristy. I found myself wishing constantly that he was real. He is FREAKING SMOKING HOT! Kristy is a sweet person who runs a homeless shelter and is just as fun as her best friend Rena who ended up falling HARD for Mitch from the moment she meets him. When she is forced to go on a Bigfoot hunt do to a bet she lost, things turn funny and she ends up having a good time, even when she is missing Mitch..but he isn't too far behind.
  This was another laugh-out-loud romantic comedy with good, fun, sexy characters, plenty of adventures, and amusing dialogue that will have you rolling on the floor laughing your butt off and the sparks between Mitch and Kristy is out of this world, and the sex is definitely VERY satisfying. I wish I could give this a ten stars but since I am unable to do that I will settle with a FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS. Size Matters is one of those books I want to read over and over again just to see if I missed anything. A major MUST MUST MUST READ.  

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