Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blind (Senses Series Book 1) by Xavier Neal ARC Review


Aside from being blind to the fact his best friend, Maxx Hughes, is madly in love with him, Logan 'Unbreakable' Kellar has it made. He's the best amateur fighter at TKO, has a buffet line of women desperate to be taken by him, and three friends that are his family. However, when Maxx crosses over from Logan's blind spot on the side lines to the dead center of his vision, he realizes that he can't stay blind to the fact this girl, is the girl.


Blind was a REALLY good book! I absolutely LOVED Maxx! She has no idea how beautiful she really is. She dresses in what she feels comfortable in and has no problem eating what she wants. I liked her personality and her crush on Logan is totally understandable. I might of had a bit of a crush on him myself. He is after all scrumptious. Now Logan is a very fine male specimen. He himself has  a thing for Maxx but instead of doing something about it, he prefers to sleep with other women. Even though he is a total man slut, I still liked his gorgeousness and his personality. He is kind, generous, and protective toward Maxx. When she gets offered a job at the TKO and gets dressed up, Logan can no longer ignore Maxx and soon passion soars between these two and finally things get heated.

I was captivated with Blind from the beginning. The characters felt real and were downright fun and entertaining to read about. I loved the action, the passion and romance. The cover alone will make you want to drool, but once you dive into Blind, you will be swept away by the story just as I was.

I give Blind by Xavier Neal a FULL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I absolutely adore Xavier's creativity with Blind and sincerely believe this author has got some great talent. Blind is completely sexy and fun and worth reading. 

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