Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Getting It Right by Saoirse Roghan ARC Review


Discover one path to a happy, and hot, marriage. The one thing Emma June and her husband did without fighting? Sex. Emma hasn’t missed Walker in the ten years he’s been out of her life. Scrambling to make the mortgage payment, putting food in front of her children, saving the planet from paper waste, and feeding the occasional stray animal, Emma doesn’t have time to miss a man in her life. 

Walker Northrup found missions with Special Ops to be more peaceful than life with Emma June. Placed on Leave, with direct orders to clean up his personal life, Walker heads back to Wyoming. This story reflects the author's comfort with less than polite language, as well as enjoyment of sex and the heavy hand of the alpha male.


Getting It Right was a truly splendid romance. The story was well developed the sex was HOT without being overly graphic and the romance was sweet and left us readers on where things were with Emma June and Walker Northrup. 

In a way, I was quite surprised on how much I actually liked this story. The cover was what had me hesitating at first. Its sweet and slightly seductive with a brightness to it that made me think of soft, sweet, with little heat to the sex. That is not at all what I got when I actually read the story. I really liked both characters, Emma and Walker. When they get back together, you can feel the sexual tension and sparks fly and the passion is strong. The sex is incredibly heated which had me both shivering in delight and sighing yet they were not graphic enough to make it an erotic romance. I thought the story was well written with some fantastic characters and a well developed story line.

This is actually my first time reading a book by Saoirse Roghan but I can assure you it WILL NOT be my last! I am really intrigued with the author and her work and am definitely anticipating her next book. I rate Getting It Right a FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! I really liked this book. From the characters, to the sex scenes, to the story line itself. I thought this book was and is one heck of a good read and worth checking out.

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