Monday, January 26, 2015

Claiming Hope (Wolves of River's Bend #2) by Suzette Rose Cauler ARC Review


[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, HEA]

Hope Davis kicked her scumbag husband to the curb in hopes of starting a new life. Too bad she’s forgotten how to truly live. While on a trip to visit family, she meets brothers Adam and Levi Black, two gods among men, who save her from a vicious attack. Deciding to take a chance after years of playing it safe, Hope indulges in an incredible night of passion with the brothers before the two reveal a terrifying secret. Not only are they both wolf shifters, but she’s their fated mate. 

Fate outdid itself when it brought Hope to Adam and Levi. She’s perfect for them, and they’ll do anything to show her what real, lasting love feels like. But life is far from simple in the shifter territory of River’s Bend, and Hope is gun shy. Can they protect her from criminals hunting her and win her heart? Will Hope find the courage to love again?


I was so happy to get another opportunity to read and review for Miss Suzette Rose Cauler. Claiming Hope is the second book of Miss Cauler's Wolves of River's Bend Series and to me, a tad more fulfilling then the first one. I really liked both Adam and Levi Black. They are both extremely patient and sexy, and determined to win Hope and make her theirs. Hope is a wonderful heroine. I like her independent streak. I really understood her more then some characters because like Hope, I am also a introvert. I don't like crowds and find it uncomfortable so it was very easy for me to understand and appreciate Hope in everything she was going through in the story.

The one thing I noticed that was different in this story was both Levi and Adam were on the same page and were pretty in tune with each other as well as with Hope compared to how Luke and Mason were with Nikki in Nikki's Fated.  I really enjoyed that. When I am reading a menage, I prefer the characters to be in tune with each other because to me, the characters could spend more time enjoying each other's company, instead of fighting and just guessing what the others are thinking.

I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I absolutely LOOOOVE the town of River's Bend! I think Miss Cauler did a truly phenomenal job at creating a place for shifters that is both welcoming and charming. Every one gets along pretty well and the town is well protected and the women are treasured and loved, especially by their mates. I love the little shops and restaurants. Everyone is comfortable around each other, and there seems to be very little to no animosity in the town, which is something spectacular all on its own.

I give Claiming Hope by Suzette Rose Cauler a VERY FINE FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS!! Its a very well defined story with lots of ups and downs, with some truly amazing characters and a town where the shifters don't have to be afraid to be themselves. Also, the sex is seriously scorching, and the romance heart-melting and sigh inducing.  If your looking for the perfect paranormal romance with some sexy wolf shifters and a human woman that gets them howling, then Claiming Hope is the book for you!

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