Saturday, March 7, 2015

A Shifted Wedding by C.E. Black ARC Review!


Take a glimpse into the Alpha Division, when the missions are put to the side, guns are left at home, and the claws have been retracted.

In an unusual change of pace, the team has a couple of nights off before Sam, Alex, and Jordan’s big day. They want it simple, low key and relaxed. That includes their bachelor/bachelorette parties. But one Alpha thinks adding a little bit of trouble, never hurt anyone.


I really liked that A Shifted Wedding is different and mellow compared to previous books in the Alpha Division series. If you couldn't tell from the title, this novella is about a wedding. It's Sam, Alex and Jordan's wedding. We get to see some fun as the Alpha Division team sets up a bachelor and bachelorette party for the soon to be newlyweds. Sam doesn't think her men want her to have a party, but come to find out, one doesn't mind and one isn't so sure. Now some of the angst is because of their lovely baby too. Being new parents, it is hard at times to do things, including having some fun. Personally, I like that most about this cute novella. It shows how much these three care about one another and shows just how much they want to be good parents.
Thanks to some swell colleagues and friends, all three are about to have a bit of overdue fun! 

I really liked the fact that Miss Black, created a unique novella filled with fun and sweet moments. I loved this adorable  prelude to Sam, Alex, and Jordan's wedding!  Not only do we get to see some sweetness going on with those three, but also with many of the others from the team. I found it quite delicious and so seductive! I think A Shifted Wedding may be my favorite in this series so far! The cover was gorgeous and the title was fitting.

C.E. Black's writing is quite good. It left me happy and content and truly satisfied with the story. I have always loved these characters and now I can say I am in love with them even more thanks to A Shifted Wedding. I gave this a FIVE WHOOPING SHOOTING STARS!   If you enjoy the Alpha Division Series than you will MOST DEFINITELY will want to get your hands on A Shifted Wedding. Its the novella you won't want to miss!

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