Thursday, March 5, 2015

Their Secretary by T.L. Reeve ARC Review!


Piper Collins is out of love and out of time. After witnessing her bosses’ affection for one another, she resigns her position and decides to start over. But before embarking on her new life, she decides to give 1NS and Madam Eve a chance to show her what she could have had, if only she were braver.

Business partners, Colton Shaw and Tyce Stewart have been lovers for years. But something’s missing from their union. Their beautiful but shy secretary has been watching them day and night, as though she were a love struck puppy. However, their plan to bring her into their relationship backfires. Not only will she not join them, she runs away heartbroken.

With Madam Eve’s help, they want to prove once and for all she is their girl—the third to complete them. Can Colton and Tyce convince Piper of their love, or will they lose the girl of their dreams forever?


T.L. Reeve did it again! This book featuring some seriously delicious M/M action as well as some M/F/M action was phenomenal and sexy. I really like reading about Madam Eve and how amazing she was at getting the right couples together with the right scenes. 

I thought the love between Colton and Tyce was mouthwatering and sexy at the same time. I love a good romance with some M/M action because to me, love in any form is beautiful and when we get two men together, the scenes pop even more for me. When these two lovers get Piper in between them, it becomes smokin' hot and seductive. The sex scenes in Their Secretary was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I couldn't help but be overjoyed and excited with Their Secretary. My only real complaint is that the book was too short! I would absolutely bow at T.L. Reeve's feet if she created one of her deliciously yummy stories as a full length novel. Especially since the characters are well developed and the stories are easy to follow with sexy scenes and yummy connections.

Their Secretary stole my breath and made me wish it wasn't so cold outside, so I could run an ice cube all over to cool myself down! I give Their Secretary a FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! For a short story it is everything I ask for and the pace is smooth and perfect for a small word count. I never felt like anything was missing or was taken out. I just liked the story so much, I absolutely hated how quickly it ended. *Wink* 

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