Friday, March 13, 2015

Ruby Red by Silke Ming (The Five Widows 5) ARC Review!


When Sasha Santorelli introduces her girlfriend Ruby Redfern to David Finch-Hatton, one of Jack’s co-workers, Ruby gets more than she bargained for. David and Jake both have the reputation of being swingers and Ruby too finds herself attracted to the handsome Jake Masson.

When David arrives in New York for Jack and Sasha’s wedding and Ruby sees him again after six months, she no longer agonizes over the decision to leave her friends behind. Her mind is made up. She will accompany him back to San Francisco.
When she sees Jake, she is enraptured by him and she wants them both. Both men fall head over heels in love with her as she does with them. The three of them spend long weekends together on Jake’s yacht or in a cabin in the countryside, but although David shares her with Jake, he knows deep in his heart that she belongs to only him


 I was drawn to the story and curious to see where Miss Silke would take us with the Fifth installment of her Five Widows Series. Now Scarlet's Redemption was and is my favorite in this series. But I honestly have to say, Ruby Red is my number 2 favorite. I really liked this story. The characters are interesting, charming, and fun. The general story is good and solid and very easy to enjoy. I also thought this cover was both pretty and sexy. Everything about Ruby Red drew me in and kept me interested.

We have a lot that is going on in Ruby Red. Things are happening at a great pace and I didn't feel rushed or that it was lacking in any way. I enjoyed watching each of these characters come together and become something extraordinary. The sex was something else that blew me away! It was not only extremely HOT but delicious as well. I loved how intricate and woven and creative Silke Ming was when she wrote Ruby Red. Of course, with some bondage being involved in the scenes, it made everything more...intense and desirable for me. Nothing gets to me better in a story than some bondage. 

Ruby Red got a FOUR SHOOTING STARS from me. I really liked how the story was set up and how well everything came together. The pace is steady and perfect. If your looking for a one of a kind romance, Ruby Red might be the one for you.

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