Tuesday, May 8, 2018

ARC Review - Rescuing Wendy (Delta Heroes Book 8) by Susan Stoker!


Aspen “Blade” Carlisle is the last of his Delta Force team to find love…and he’s pretty bummed about that fact. Which might explain why he finds himself chatting up a telemarketer as if she’s a long-lost friend. But Wendy is surprisingly easy to talk to, so when they go from occasional calls during her work, to nightly conversations on their cells, it somehow feels right. So right, Blade eventually convinces the funny, sweet woman to meet him in person.

When their first face-to-face meeting gets high-jacked, Wendy Tucker is sure she and Aspen made a big mistake in taking their relationship to the next level. But the man is nothing if not persistent. Before long, Wendy’s allowing the handsome soldier to spend more time with her and Jack, the teen brother she’s raising, than anyone she’s ever dated. Though she knows there are limits to how close she can get to Aspen, no matter how much she likes him. Limits carefully constructed to protect Wendy and Jack from a past they’ve been running from for years.

But dating Blade means having an entire team of Deltas at her back. Which may come in handy not just with Wendy’s past…but also when her brother faces a current threat.

**Rescuing Wendy is the 8th book in the Delta Force Heroes Series. Each book is a stand-alone, with no cliffhanger endings.


OH YESSSSSSS! Another Delta Hero book from Susan Stoker. Rescuing Wendy is exactly what I have been craving! Its a sigh worthy romance with just the right amount of suspense, a slow build love story that will make you believe in heroes and romance and the power of friendship..especially when you read about all my favorite Delta Heroes and their women. I have come to realize that once you start a Susan Stoker book, you will not only become hooked on the current read, but come to desire her books in EVERY series and STILL want more! 

Rescuing Wendy is Blade's story. I found him to be a perfect gentleman, patient, extraordinarily handsome, sweet, protective...pretty much EVERYTHING I desire in a hero. And Wendy..I admire the heck out of her! What she did for her brother was pretty brave..even if it was scary. She did and gave up so much just to keep him safe and loved. That is pretty darn amazing to me. And she deserved to have the kind of hero Blade is. There is a bit of drama, but it was quickly made to right and the story was incredible to me. It made my heart melt, made me want my OWN Delta hero and made me want the Mary's book something FIERCE! Gah! I LOVED IT!


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