Saturday, May 5, 2018

ARC Review - S.O.S Wiley by LJ Vickery!


Wiley hadn’t been looking for love, only for a place with some land to call his own where he could raise a few horses. After doing his duty for Uncle Sam, he and his ex-army buddies had started S.O.S.―a search and rescue business―and work could be stressful. He needed an outlet. But who would have foretold the outlet would be Solina Dalat, a charming, stunning Indian woman who scrambled his brains, and said no to love?
Solina wanted Wiley. Who wouldn’t? Mr. Tall, dark and exceedingly funny really knew how to slip under a woman’s radar, even someone who wasn’t looking for more complications in her life. So how could she get him to say “yes” to some physical pleasure, without having to commit emotionally? Damn. Reverse stereotype, much?


Here we go again...another fabulously written story in LJ Vickery's S.O.S series! I FLOVED Wiley so much! This book had me giddy from the moment I started it. Sexy, suspenseful, action-packed and with a stunning hero that made my heart trip up in the BEST way possible, I couldn't resist this story.

 The suspense kept me on edge (which I liked VERY MUCH) and there is plenty of swoon/sigh worthy moments that made my heart thump, made my knees weak and made butterflies swarm in my belly. When reading a good book, these are the feelings I want. And Miss Vickery NAILED IT with S.O.S. Wiley! Wiley is the EXACT hero I crave. He is handsome, protective, funny, sweet, caring, and is a great alpha. And Solina is the type of heroine I enjoy getting to know. She is sweet, pretty, shy, almost reserved and she has a great heart. She fits Wiley and I could easily see and feel the slow build romance that really did my heart good. This series is one of my absolute FAVORITES...its right up there with Susan Stoker's SEALS of Protection and Delta Force series as well as Caitlyn O' Leary's  Midnight Delta series...UNFORGETTABLE and a MUST read!



“What the…?” Wiley turned and his eyes widened. “You did not just―”
“Yes, I did.” She answered, while shoveling up another clump of snow. Her breath hit the air with excited little puffs. Wiley’s flashing white grin ramped her mischievous side up another notch.
“Solina.” His tone warned of retribution, but she couldn’t help herself. She launched her second projectile and would have hit him square in the face, but he ducked and rolled, an action that had her instantly speechless. Wow, could Wiley move.
He reached his feet inches away from her stunned position, and without warning went low, lifted her up and sent her over his right shoulder. A surprised “whhoof” escaped her lungs. “Wiley! What are you doing?” she yelped.
“Finding a snowbank,” he bellowed back, but amusement laced his voice. “Never play rough with a soldier, Solina. And never launch a sneak attack because retaliation is assured.” He clapped a hand on her ass, and Solina’s belly clenched. Holy hell. What had she gotten herself into? Half laughing and half pleading she entreated her captor. “No, Wiley. Don’t do it. You’ll be sorry.”
He guffawed heartily. “I sincerely doubt that.”

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