Tuesday, April 19, 2016

ARC Review - Frozen Stiff by LJ Vickery!


Enten, the god of winter, has spent centuries avoiding rejection from women. He might be cold to the depths of his very soul, but one woman—his Chosen—holds the key to melting his permafrost. To keep her, though, he must embrace the heat sweeping through his heart—and his body. Unfortunately, he and the group of gods he calls brothers are trapped on Earth’s plane by a malevolent force that could bring violence to her doorstep.

Gloria Wingfeather lived through hell, physically and emotionally singed by the viciousness of her ex-husband. For years, she’s dedicated her time and her heart to making a life for herself. The sexy god of chill has the potential to heal those charred wounds or to set her ablaze with passion.


DAAAAAAMN! Frozen Stiff is the next book in LJ Vickery's OUTSTANDING Immortals series and is even more fun, surprising and sexy with characters that have that unique old world wit and humor that will have you laughing and shaking your head long after reading. This one had my mouth hanging open from the moment I opened the book. I giggled a bit..ok I laughed, and I definitely sighed. Enten had such a uniqueness about him. His freezing body would normally turn most females away but not his Chosen! She really cared for him in all his uniqueness and honestly, I did too. Gloria was such a sweetie. I loved her personality and even her bit of self doubt. She really was made for Enten and I couldn't imagine a better heroine for the God of Winter!

From the first chapter to the last, this romance had me completely devoted to the story. The characters are magnificent and the story perfectly written with lots of humor, fantastic chemistry and sizzling sex! I couldn't ask for a better book.

Miss Vickery's Immortal Series just gets more entertaining and more seductive with each book. I am always eager and anticipating the next book and I cant imagine that is going to change, especially with the way she writes. Frozen Stiff gets a SENSATIONAL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! You get all you want and more with Frozen Stiff and The Immortals series.

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