Monday, April 18, 2016

ARC Review - The Hitman's Pregnant Bride by Alyse Zaftig!


I married the man of my dreams. Nobody told me that they might be nightmares. 


I lived a perfectly normal life. I had a fantastic and loving new husband, the kind who brought me breakfast in bed, and a great job with flexible hours. The Lexus SUV that I got as a wedding present wasn't too bad either. I was overjoyed when I told Andreas that we were expecting a child. 

Then I found my husband's guns. 

His fake passports. 

The enormous safe hidden in the basement. 

Now I'm on the run, trying to protect myself and my baby. I wish that he would leave us alone, but I want mercy from a man who has none. 


I had achieved nirvana: work-life balance. I kept work at work. When I was home, my only thought was taking care of my wife, an FBI agent's daughter. She didn't know what I did for a living, and I wanted to keep it that way. 

My home was filled with love, light, and a whole lot of lust. I had the house. The car. The gorgeous wife with a kid on the way. Everything was perfect. 

Today, I came home to find the lights off. Her car and clothes were gone. 

I'll get her back at any cost. 


WOWZA! The Hitman's Pregnant Bride is one of those romances that just toes the line of dark romance without the depravity and scariness that actual dark romances have. I was pleasantly happy that this book had a HEA and was beautiful, touching, and pure romantic, even if there were times that held that smidge of darkness to it. But considering Andreas is a Hitman, I expected a bit of darkness. 

The Hitman's Pregnant Bride had some truly great characters. Both had spines of steel and there lust for one another was hotter then hell to witness! I also loved the bit of suspense, danger, and incredible action that the author brought into the story.  It was awesome and well worth reading.

From cover to cover, this book easily gets a SENSATIONAL FOUR SHOOTING STARS! Its well written and with a great HEA, this book deserved every STAR I gave it. 

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