Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Diamonds by A.M. Cosgrove!


He's an ex-con on the right side of the law, she's a good girl trying hard not to settle down. 

Sebastian loves his job. Private recovery means he gets to do what he does best while staying out of jail. But then a mark turns personal. Daria could be so much more than a means to an end, and the item he needs to re-acquire for his client. Can he ignore the spark, or will he give in even if it means jeopardizing the assignment and possibly his career? 

Daria is sick of men in general and the boring, stuffy types her father keeps setting her up with in the hopes she'll settle down and give him grandkids. Unfortunately, the only man who sparks any interest in her is a bad boy with a checkered past. Unfortunately, a bad boy who's a good man is the hardest to resist... 

While Daria struggles to figure out her own feelings, Sebastian must decide between the girl he's just met and his job. 


I was excited about reading Diamonds by A.M. Cosgrove. The cover and blurb definitely piqued my interest and the story was just as good. I loved seeing a sexy ex-con who was almost bashful at times, and firm at others. He had sexiness down as well as charm. I really enjoyed the interactions and passion that flared between Daria and Sebastian. Both characters were fun, unique, with great personalities and wonderful dispositions.

The Plot line reminded me a bit of White Collar TV show and I thought that added to the appeal. It was fun, passionate, sexy, and full of surprises and a bit of suspense and danger.  

Diamonds gets a FINE FOUR SHOOTING STARS! I am already eager for book two of Miss Cosgrove's  Den of Thieves series! 

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