Friday, April 8, 2016

ARC Review - Impulsive Destiny by Cassandra Lawson!


Tensions in the born vampire territory are high as intrigue and betrayal threaten to tear apart the main vampire council. In the center of it all is a woman who remembers nothing beyond the day before the initial Moon virus outbreak. 

Lexi has been called crazy more than once in her life, so when she finds herself in a creek with no clue how she got there, she assumes she’s finally lost her mind. That is until she discovers her frightening heritage and ends up in the care of a sexy shapeshifter who refuses to accept that she’s too much trouble. As Lexi comes to terms with who she is, an unknown enemy is determined to use her as a weapon against her father. Will she end up being little more than a pawn in a madman’s scheme? 

Zane has always been impulsive and somewhat irresponsible, knowing that as the youngest, his father doesn’t expect much from him. That is until his father’s position as leader of the lynx shapeshifters is threatened, and he issues Zane an ultimatum—find a mate or accept the mate his father has chosen for him. Zane has little hope of finding his true mate until he rescues a mysterious woman. He has no clue how she ended up in lynx territory—he only knows that Lexi is his, and he will do anything to protect her.


Another explosively tempting read in Cassandra Lawson's Moon Virus series! Impulsive Destiny was a real joy to read. I loved Lexi. And Zane, WOWZA, was he YUMMY! I absolutely adore the world that Miss Lawson created. The many types of paranormal creatures out there are amazing. I loved seeing some old faces and new ones too. And I REALLY liked the mystery behind Lexi. And the fact that she isn't 100% sure about her heritage either, was a fantastic surprise!

The chemistry between Zane and Lexi was undeniable and yummy as all get out. I loved the danger and the even the violence. Its full of action, lots of sizzling passion and yummy sex! And the plot...perfect!

Impulsive Destiny gets a WILD FIVE SHOOTING STARS! These books get better and better. I love the unexpected and I feel Miss Lawson delivers on that in every book. A DEFINITE MUST READ!

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