Sunday, February 12, 2017

ARC Review - S.O.S. Prez by LJ Vickery!


Maygan Depalto is in trouble, and Prez has to get to her fast. He’s only met her once, but if he’s any judge of character, her impulsive, hard-headedness is going to get her killed.
Lucas Balshir―or Prez, as he’s known to his S.O.S. team―has made it clear to Mayg that he is coming to her rescue whether she likes it or not. Little does he know that her bravado is all a front. In truth, she needs Prez more than she’s ever, in her life, needed anyone before.


Another heart stoppingly sexy, romantic suspense story in LJ Vickery's newest S.O.S. Series! I was VERY interested in Prez from book one and I was SOOOOO excited to learn Prez was next in line to get a book. And wow, his story was not only AWESOME but he surprised me in a very good way. Here we have a hero who is mouth-watering sexy and who is confident when it comes to his work but he is shy around women and can get pretty tongue tied. But then there were moments around Maygan that he got all alpha and had me sighing in utter contentment. Maygan may seem like a badass and in a way she so was, but she had a incredibly wonderful heart and was beautiful and so strong. I loved her strong personality and that inner vulnerability that you couldn't help but to see. 

Prez and Maygan when they were put together had the most incredible passion and were just so sweet and tempting together. Every moment of the heart pounding action had me on the edge and turning the pages as quickly as I could get through them. The romance and sparks in between the danger and action was beyond appealing and oh so yummy! This new series has won me over AGAIN with S.O.S. Prez! I am HOOKED and I can't freaking wait for the next one!

S.O.S. Prez is a written masterpiece. I loved the characters, I love the bits of humor and the sex was  just as wonderful as the plot! You have a winner here Miss Vickery! I give this book a WONDERFULLY WRITTEN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am all about Prez... #IAMINLOVEWITHPREZ.


Someone had been waiting for her in her office. Very bad. 
Prez had come to her rescue. Very good.
Now Prez was headed home with her to stick like glue until they figured things out. Very…she didn’t know.
It was one thing to be four hours and two hundred and fifty miles from Prez while fantasizing about him. It was another to have him ensconced as her body-guard, in her house, twenty-four seven. How was she going to survive it? Already she thrilled to his touch, and shivered nervously under his patient handling. She knew he had taken the latter as a reaction to the person who’d broken into her office. And she’d let him. Because how could she explain the attraction she felt, having known him for such a short amount of time?

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