Friday, February 24, 2017

Making Changes by Lila Rose Release with ARC Review!



Six years with my knight in shining armor.

Four years with my knight in dented armor.

Two years with my knight in rusted armor.

It is time to make a change. Time to find myself, even if it scares the hell out of me. 

I, Makenzie Mayfair, am leaving my husband. 

This is my chance to begin again, to rip my backbone out and yell, “I’ve found it.” It may take time, it may take new friends, a job and even a jerk of a boss who is annoyingly handsome, but I will get there.

I'm determined to be who I want to be, and plan to have a whole heap of fun along the way.

It's time to meet Makenzie and Grayson...

I straddled his thighs and looked down. My eyes widened, my lips parting. I met his gaze and asked, "Are you related to a dinosaur? Because you are huge."

#DinosaurDick #LOLMoments

Lets talk about Making Changes by Lila Rose. This book had me completely over the moon happy and giddy and giggly! OMG I found myself wanting to put the book down, just so I can feel that glorious anticipation to pick it up again and dive right back in. The first thing that I fell for was the gorgeous cover. The second thing was that Mackenzie, the heroine in this fantastic story, was a beautiful curvy woman. Her personality and her sweet disposition and the way she spoke her mind was refreshing, charming and had me shaking my head and yet loving every single thing that fell out of her mouth. And Grayson had my heart racing and my heart soaring too. The fact that he was so smitten with Kenzie just made me love him that much more.

These two AMAZING characters had such a fantastic sizzle and their chemistry was beyond anything I could of imagined. The story itself was fun, fresh, sexy, sweet, full of good changes and HOT romance and amazing characters. I never loved a book so much in all my life! This book stole the very breath from me and left me the happiest I have ever been! I want to buy this book on paperback because it is certainly one of the BEST books I have read of the year!

Out of many of the romantic comedies I have read this year, this one is most definitely #1! The hilarious, roll-over-laughing moments will bring tears of mirth to your eyes and the delicious, sizzling tension between Kenzie and Grayson will have your heart racing and your knees weak. This book is one of those books you just can't and won't be forgetting anytime soon. For a feel good, hearty laugh out loud romantic comedy, this one is the BEST and that is why I give this book a STUNNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS...Heck it deserves a TEN!

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