Friday, May 19, 2017

ARC Review: Dragon's Curvy Dilemma (Alphas of Summer Boxset) by Mychal Daniles!

Mychal Daniels presents: Dragon's Curvy Dilemma in The Alphas of Summer Box set!


Dragon’s Curvy Dilemma: A Bad Boy Single Dad Curvy Shifter Romance
By Mychal Daniels
Dragons need privacy.
Billionaire dragon, Asher Princeton is a single dad and secret dragon-shifter. He just wants to get away from it all to spend time with his young son over the summer. Its time he showed the boy how to deal with being a dragonling.

Daryl Livingston is squatting in his guest house. The young woman makes his dragon come alive. The last thing he expected was to find his true mate living in his guest house. Only problem… it’s going to take everything in Asher’s power to convince her of that.


Sexy Dragons, a sassy virgin, and a great kid...oh my! This novella by Mychal Daniels is featured in The Alphas Of Summer Box set which will be released July 18th and oh dear god, this novella is a WINNER! Its a bit lighter..not as steamy as Miss Daniels previous stories but it is just as sweet and sexy in a bit more lighter tone. I found it refreshing and I lost count the number of times I sighed. I thought I loved Mychal's Aliens but I think her Dragons are even BETTER! Asher is super sexy and is a good dad while Daryl is curvy, beautiful, sassy, and is so charming. I SO want to be her friend!

With the characters being amazing, the story was fast paced and just...sparked! I LOVED the ever living daylights out of this novella and REALLY hope Miss Daniels writes more sexy dragons in the future because DAMN...HOT and OH SO TEMPTING! 

If you want a Dragon you won't soon forget I HIGHLY recommend you pick up The Alphas Of Summer Box set and DEVOUR Dragon's Curvy Dilemma. I give this a SPECTACULAR FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am infatuated with this novella and hope to see more stories with sexy Dragons in the future. 

From the Alphas of Summer Box Set--Preorder Available now

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