Saturday, May 20, 2017

ARC Review - Making Waves (Happy Endings Resort 1) by Fifi Flowers!


When my sexy business partner, Jack Fritzi, suggested that we take a vacation together to a resort near a beach under the pretense of bonding and working on designs for our new collection of footwear, I imagined Monte Carlo by the sea.

What I got was a quaint campground with trailers, tents and cabins surrounding a lake which didn't exactly match the high fashion clothing and delicate sandals created by me, Mitzi Warren, that I had packed in my designer luggage.

The location proved to be a great find, but it was the way that surfer Jack continued making waves in our relationship that was the biggest surprise of all that threatened to end our business partnership.

Can we survive our time together at the Happy Endings Resort?

This book is a STANDALONE book in a series with other authors writing their own stories. 


A brand new book that is just so darn lovable! Mitzi and Jack, wow! I loved watching their relationship progress from business partners to lovers. The way this book started had me grinning. At first I was thinking, naughty was going on but when it turned out to be something different I knew I was going to REALLY like this story.

Jack and Mitzi are some fantastic characters. I loved the hotness level and the way I seemed to like both personalities. I could easily see myself being friends with Mitzi and Jack...I might have a smidgen of a crush on him. He is YUMMY! This story made waves with my heart and my mind and I loved this brand new book. I am enchanted with this new book and can't wait to see where else Miss Fifi Flowers takes us in the future. Her writing never ceases to capture my full attention and Making Waves is some of the BEST writing as of yet! 

Making Waves gets a MIND-BLOWING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am in LOVE with this new book as well as Jack and Mitzi..and come on, you just got to LOOOOVE that name, Mitzi! 

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