Saturday, May 13, 2017

ARC Review - Master of Solitude by Cherise Sinclair!


Since childhood, Mallory McCabe has dreamed of falling in love with a hero. And then one saves her life. He’s honest…and blunt. Deadly, but filled with pain. Overpowering, yet ever so gentle with her. Oh yes, she’s found her hero. Taking him to her bed is simply…right. As is losing her heart.

How could she have known he’d want nothing more to do with her?

His indifference hurts. She vows to forget him…then he buys the land next to hers.

Released early from prison, all Sawyer Ware wants is to put his life back together. His police detective brother houses him while he makes plans. But when a violent gang targets his brother, Sawyer puts his future on hold. He’ll have to take on the gang first. After a decade as a Navy SEAL, he won’t–can’t–walk away if someone he loves is threatened.

His mission is likely to prove bloody. He sure can’t afford to get involved with a woman, especially his captivating neighbor. He hungers to be near her, to enjoy her clear laugh, her easy friendship, and the peace she brings wherever she goes. A relationship is absolutely out of the question.

Why won’t his heart obey orders?


ONLY Cherise Sinclair can bring a book with BDSM that would make me desire, curious, interested, and WANTING to find out MORE about the lifestyle. Master of Solitude felt more realistic than anything else I have read with BDSM. I am so stunned, and amazed, and just EXCITED! From the the bottom of my heart, I swear, NOBODY does BDSM like Cherise Sinclair! Master of Solitude is pure magic. Sexy, sinful, erotic, passionate with incredible characters and one hell of an addicting storyline, I found myself fully enchanted. 

In this brand new story, we get a broody Dom (Sawyer) who is happens to have a hero heart. I couldn't seem to resist his charms...even when he was being a grump, he was downright SEXY. And our heroine, Mallory is like NO other heroine I have read in any of Cherise's stories. She is sweet, has one hell of an amazing ability, and is compassionate and caring has a Wicca vibe that just makes you think of tranquility and peace. Sawyer and Mallory just...BELONGED with each other. She was looking for a hero and he was looking for peace and companionship. And the sex...WOWZA! It was SINFULLY HOT and SO DARN erotic and yet there was a tenderness to the type of BDSM with this book that is beyond words. I cherished the heck out of it! This story is something unique and special and will be a favorite of mine for sure for a LOOOOONG time. Cherise Sinclair writes fresh, sexy, and sweet stories that just take your breath away. I can't get enough!

Master Of Solitude gets a SIZZLING HOT HOT HOT FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I was addicted to this story from the beginning and nothing gets my motor running like Dom who also happens to be a hero. 


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