Monday, May 15, 2017

Good Lies Exclusive Excerpt!

Good Lies: A Wild Minds Novel by Charlotte West

Date of Publication: May 8, 2017


"If Warren Price was gasoline, I'd be a lit match."
Addison Wanks, rock 'n' roll's favorite daughter, is good at keeping secrets.
Secret One
She's responsible for the long-standing feud between her father's band, Wanks and Janks, and younger band Wild Minds. She may or may not have let Wild Minds' sexy bad-boy lead singer Warren defile her backstage at a concert.
Okay, she totally did.
Secret Two
She's supposed to be attending college but instead skips town to follow Wild Minds on their European tour. Addy adores Warren Price.
Secret Three
Europe doesn't go so well. Her sexy lead singer turned out to be king of a**holes. He's arrogant, demanding and controlling. Addy loathes Warren Price.
Oh, well.
Secret Four
A few years later, Addy is planning to attend her father's farewell tour when she hears the news—Wild Minds is back in the good graces of Wanks and Janks. The two bands will be headlining together. This is going to make avoiding Warren difficult. Especially since it seems Warren doesn't want to be ignored. He also doesn't want a divorce. That's right, Addy is married to the Wild Minds front man.
Sh. Don't tell anyone.
What will happen when all Addy's secrets are revealed?

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About Charlotte West

Charlotte West writes romance about strong heroines and the sexy alpha males who love them. She lives in Washington state with her husband and very large dog (think miniature pony size). She spends way too much money on books, and way too much time reading. When she's not reading, she's feeding her reality television addiction, eating chocolate, or traveling. She's been known to consume her weight in Girl Scout cookies.
She has a degree in Science and a Master's in Education, neither of which she is currently using but is still paying for. Occasionally, she moonlights as a YA author.

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I stuck out my hand. He left me hanging for a moment. But then he grabbed hold, his palm warm and dry in mine.
“Wild Minds,” he said, still holding my hand.
“What?” I asked, all out of breath.
“It’s the name of my band.”
“Oh.” I tried yanking my hand back but he held fast. Strong bastard.
“Party girl, Peace, Addy, can I ask you another question before you go?”
Our handshake had turned into some odd variation of hand-holding. “I don’t see why not.”
“You ever been kissed by a guy in a band?”
“No.” I didn’t add that I’d never been kissed period.
“You’re about to be.” A light entered his eyes just before he swooped down. A bottle crashed, breaking on the floor—the one from his hand. He’d dropped it. The smell of beer permeated the air. My arms moved of their own volition, looping around his neck. His skin was soft and smooth. His lips grazed mine. His tongue slipped into my mouth, teasing me. Stars exploded between my eyes. Everything inside me ignited.
He paused. Withdrew. Serious ice-blue eyes on me. 
I frowned. “More, please.” I tightened my hold on him.
He chuckled, a husky sound I felt through my whole body. “The fucking things you say.”
“Less talky, more kissy.”
He smirked. From that day forward, I’d be a sucker for a smirk like that. His hand slid down over my waist, cupping my bare thigh. My legs moved, wrapping around his waist. He pressed into me, thrusting. I could feel his hardness. “Jesus, I’ve been hard since you came in this room,” he ground out. He trailed kisses on my neck, little love bites that ratcheted up the tension building in my belly.
I moaned.
He reared up but only to remove his tee. Beautiful ink covered his body. I only had a split second to view it before he came back down to kiss me again. My nails dug into his back.
“What the fuck is going on here?” I didn’t hear the door open. I didn’t recognize the voice, too caught up in War’s hands on my body.
“Get the fuck out, Billy,” Warren said against my throat. “This is a private party.”
Billy. Did he say Billy? It felt as if I’d been drenched in ice-cold water. I pushed against my sexy tormentor. Peering over his shoulder, I saw my father and Trent in the doorway. I sniffed. The bottom dropped out of my stomach.
What’s the worst thing that can happen to a teenage girl? Getting caught making out with an older guy… by her father.

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