Monday, April 23, 2018

ARC Review - Inescapably Hellbound by Cassandra Lawson!


You are familiar with the story of Hades and Persephone, right? Well, forget what you’ve heard. That is definitely not the way it happened. How do I know? I’m Persephone—one of them, anyway.

Let’s start from the beginning. Once, there was a fallen angel named Hades who claimed to be God of the Underworld. About two millennia ago, Aphrodite put a curse on him that can only be broken by finding the woman he’s destined to love—a woman named Persephone. I’m not the first Persephone Hades has come across, but I know I’m the one to end his curse. There’s only one thing standing in the way—Hades. He’s abducted countless women named Persephone, but I can’t even get him to kiss me!

All of that’s about to change. My plan to find my happily-ever-after with Hades is simple. I just need to seduce him, keep my mother from trying to kill him, and avoid being used by an ex-god of Olympus in a plot to take over the demon realm. What could go wrong? 


OH HOT HELL, Inescapably Hellbound was SOOOOOOOO MUCH better than I imagined. Sexier, darker, more fun with a heroine who is sassy and incredible while our hero Hades had me feeling SERIOUSLY HOT! These Spells That Bind novels are SCRUMPTIOUS. The way Cassandra Lawson seems to write flawlessly with eye and heart catching heroes and heroines that are wild, fun, smart and beautiful. These stories are chalk full of action, brilliance, magic, and seem to just grab my attention and won't let go.

 Inescapably Hellbound really seemed to just delight me from the very start. I secretly crushed on Hades when I came across him in Undeniably Hellbound and when I realized HIS and Persephone's story was up next, I couldn't seem to contain my excitement and immediately started it the moment it hit my kindle and WOW! I have a new dark and delicious hero to drool, swoon, and sigh over and his name is Hades! I am not sure if he his and Persephone's story can be topped.

I FLOVED these two SO. HARD. They fit each other to perfection and watching the sparks fly between them was a sight to behold and I enjoyed the many twists, turns, danger and all the wickedness of this fascinating world. I give Inescapably Hellbound a MAGICAL AND DARK FIVE SHOOTING STARS! 

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