Monday, June 16, 2014

ARC Review of Claiming Kara by Caitlyn O' Leary


Five years ago, Kara Johansen met and fell in love with brothers Ben and Quinn Shotbrook while on vacation with her fire fighter brothers in Sitka, Alaska. They planned to marry, when tragedy struck the Shotbrook family, leaving the brothers to care for their mother and younger brothers again. They sent Kara back home to Fate Harbor, Washington, promising that one day they would reunite.

Years later, Kara has made the decision that she wants to marry and start a family of her own. She has put away her dreams of ever being with Ben and Quinn and instead focuses on men who are available to her here and now. Her meddling brothers inform Ben and Quinn of her plans. The brothers Shotbrook rush to Fate Harbor to do whatever it takes to reclaim the woman they never stopped loving. Has too much changed between them to save their love?


Claiming Kara is the third Fate Harbor book by Caitlyn O' Leary and is my favorite so far. I LOVED Quinn and Ben! These are some sexy brothers and are described so well, that I swear, my panties practically melted just picturing them. Thanks for that Caitlyn! 
The moment I opened up Claiming Kara I was drawn in, and I was enraptured by the memories that Kara had of her two heroes, Quinn and Ben. Although, If I had brothers that she had, I am sure I would have knocked them out for thinking to butt in her life. Yet, if it wasn't for them, Kara would of married the WRONG man for her. I am VERY curious about her brothers and I do VERY much hope to see stories of them finding the right woman for them. Anyway, lets get back to Claiming Kara.
Kara is a strong woman with a good heart, and very giving and understanding. She waited for several years for Quinn and Ben to come get her in Fate Harbor but being the strong, cave-like men they were, Ben and Quinn wouldn't until their family was secure financially. That was one of the reasons why I ADORED these two men. Their loyalty and dedication to their family was amazing. I wish I could have two good looking men like that in my life. Plus they are so hot, its like winning the lottery!
Claiming Kara came together beautifully and I wouldn't change one single thing about this story. I LOVED it. Its that simple. I give Claiming Kara an amazing FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its well-written, sexy, romantic, and it warmed me from my head to my toes. Its like a fluffy blanket on a winters day, it not only warms me up, but comforts me as well. I can not wait for the fourth book! Caitlyn O' Leary, you keep up the good work. If you love a MFM erotic romance, then pick up the first three books of the Fate Harbor Series at Bookstrand or Amazon (only the first two are available right now), and settle back for some wonderfully sensual romances.

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