Thursday, June 12, 2014

ARC Review of Jariko's Desire by Dace Everan


Jariko Helder is a one man man. That is until Alisha Evens starts strutting her stuff. What's a man to do? His comrade and friend has turned into a sex kitten. If she keeps this up he may give into the sick craving that has developed in the last year regarding her and spanking her eye-catching ass! What will his long-time lover Kyle think of all this? Will he lose Kyle? Will Kyle accept Alisha as their third?
Alisha may have overstepped herself. At the sight of the sexy blond hunk taking up residence in her hunky comrade’s home, her body betrays her and lusts for him. But setting her gaze on Jariko, her body responds just as passionately. Oh goodness, what has she gotten herself into?
Kyle’s dreams have come true! He knew Jariko would find her. His heart is set afire at the sight of the gorgeous woman Jariko has brought home. At the thought of the three of them becoming one.


This is the third book in Dace Everan's Soldiers of Passion Series and definitely my favorite one so far. Miss Everan added enough humor in this book that had me laughing and giggling most of the book, especially at the beginning when Alisha was giving Jariko hell and Laird took it upon himself to knock him out and talk some sense into him. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that.
Other then humor, there is a lot of spectacular sexy and naughty moments that had me excited and were downright erotic as hell! The man on man action with Kyle and Jariko was HOT, demanding, and passionate as all get out. Add Alisha into the mix, and I found this unique and sexy triad to be PERFECT together. They all get along, have fun, and the sex is so sweaty, dirty, and delicious, my absolute FAVORITE kind of sex!
I loved all three of these amazing characters. Alisha was feisty and sexy, and she just knew the right buttons to push on Jariko to get him to snap. Jariko is hot, patient (to an extent), and dominating in all the right ways. Kyle is just as stunning as Jariko and just as demanding with sex. 
After finishing this amazing story, I had no other option but to give this a SEXY FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! I love the sex, humor, characters, environment, and the MMF dynamic. I absolutely adore Dace Everan and this series! 


  1. Dace is an amazing author, and Marie, you always do such a great job of capturing the nuances of a story. My hats are off to both of you!!!

  2. Thank you so much Miss O' Leary. I always do my best to give each review the attention it needs and I always like to give them HONEST reviews. :)