Wednesday, June 25, 2014

ARC Review of Zara's Second Chance by Mya Larose


Curvy Zara Miller always knew something or someone was missing in her life. She needed a man who could appreciate her figure and who she could rely on to be there for her. Slowly she fell under Peter Adames's spell and soon her body burnt with a need she thought she didn’t have.
She knew only he could satisfy her deepest desire. However, she hid her love for him until she could trust him.  After suffering through a bad relationship where her ex picked on her "weight" issue. She didn’t know he was already determined to make her his own.
His desire to have Zara’s curvy body beneath his reached the breaking point. The uncertainty in her eyes tugged at Peter's heart. He had to convince Zara that he was the right man for her. When he had her in his bed, he planned to keep her there until the past evil struck.
Could Peter convince Zara his feeling towards her was true? Or would the tragic event kill their last chance for love?

Zara's Second Chance is the first novel in Mya Larose's One More Time Series. The first thing that caught my attention was this beautiful cover featuring a gorgeous young woman and a sexy, muscular man. It drew me in immediately and made me want to lick the cover...but no worries, I held back. *Wink* There is a few things that I really loved about this book and also a few things I wish could of been a tad different.
First off, I liked the characters. Zara is a sexy, curvy woman. The kind of woman people today would consider fat but what I would consider gorgeous. I love it when an author creates a heroine with curves. I see enough romance where the heroine is ALWAYS petite, and slim. Even though there is nothing wrong with that, I want a character I can relate to because I am a curvy woman. I found myself easily liking Zara and thought she was a fun, sassy woman who needed a man who truly appreciated her curves. She got that with sexy Peter for sure. Peter is a strong, dominant man. Especially in the bedroom and I LOVED that about him! He is muscular, smart, super sexy, and makes Zara's knees weak. When these two hit it off, sparks fly, passion soars, and the sheets practically catch fire. The romance is strong, the sex hotter, and everything was perfectly spaced out. 
The one thing I wish was a bit different was since Peter is ex-military, I wish he was something other then just a security guard for a mall. I think with his experience I thought he could of done something more appealing. He has so much potential that I could of easily seen him as a cop or a bodyguard. But all in all this story was really good, and I did enjoy it thoroughly.
Zara's Second Chance gets a THREE AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS. Its sexy, appealing, with a kick ass male and a curvaceous heroine with a fiery spirit and romance and hot sex that was truly breathtaking.

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