Thursday, June 19, 2014

ARC Review of Conflicted by M.M. Koenig


Mia Ryan was on the path to make all her dreams come true. Her life was everything she wanted it to be; until one fateful night changed everything – leaving her broken and without direction. Nearly a year later, she still has little faith in anyone or anything. Desperate to reclaim her life’s ambition, she takes an unexpected offer that promises to solve all her problems. But as Mia moves forward, she’s faced with obstacles she couldn’t have foreseen. The biggest of them lies within the mystery of Ethan Fitzgerald; a man who affects her like no other, but who she should avoid pursuing, at all costs. 

On a mission himself, Ethan Fitzgerald didn’t care who he pissed off on his road to fulfill his mother’s dying wish. He relied on himself, and was closed off to the world around him – until Mia Ryan walked through his door. Normally one to avoid messy emotions, Ethan’s world is turned upside down by Mia, and he can’t seem to get enough of her. 

There are lines you can cross that will change the course of your life forever … 


Before I get started on my review, I want to take just a second and talk about how much I like this cover. Nothing speaks to me more then a cover of a book. This particular cover is my favorite kind: Dark, sexy, mysterious. Featuring a light haired woman and a dangerous, sexy man with lots of glorious tattoos. YUM! Alright now lets get to the review, shall we?
When I first started reading Conflicted, I was intrigued by the guilt Mia was feeling as she tries to remember the guy who she just had sex with. Already, the title fit the book, because Mia felt, well, conflicted over everything in her life. 
Even though this was a solid story and a good read, it wasn't what I expected and just wasn't 100% for me. Does this mean it wasn't worth reading or having someone else get? No. Even though this story wasn't as passionate as I was hoping for, it was still written very well, and everything fell together nicely. It flowed smoothly together and I think others would be quite satisfied and happy with Conflicted. The characters are interesting and the story had a bit of humor, with some fascinating curves thrown in to make things more captivating. The only thing I felt like it was missing was strong passion. 
With that said, I give Conflicted a THREE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its still a good read and the cover is gorgeous and readers would be very interested with Mia and Ethan.

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