Monday, October 5, 2015

ARC Review - Alexa's Warrior Mate by Lynnette Bernard


Alexa “Lexi” Gallagher is a soldier with great responsibilities. She led her six younger sisters and niece on a daring escape from Earth to travel to the world of Altavesta. Finding the man she was destined to love was not something she ever thought was a possibility.

Sebastian Mathieson is king of Altavesta. His duty is to his people and the worlds that the Guardian Warriors protected. His personal happiness had been shelved long ago—until that afternoon by the lagoon.

Lexi’s soul called to his. He knew without a doubt that she was his life mate. Touching her would begin their bondinh, increase their magic, and share their gifts. Claiming Lexi as his was what he wanted and needed.

The ancient prophecy of the warriors with violet eyes joining with the Guardian Warriors would be realized. Together, they would fight the evil that threatened many worlds. Peace would reign. Love, happiness, and babies would finally be gifted to the lonely king.


Oh my goodness, this book was freaking fantastic! It had an almost futuristic/sci-fi feel to it, coupled with the delicious romance and suspense and jaw dropping action that will blow you away (in a good way) and have you on the edge of your seat.  Alexa's Warrior Mate happens to be a BRAND NEW book in Miss Bernard's BRAND NEW series, and I have to say, this new series will definitely capture a reader's attention with the characters, unique storyline, and fabulously written plot.

I liked the fact that from the moment you start reading, there happens to be some action going on for our warrior heroine, Lexi and her family. She is strong, confident and has some serious warrior skills! Now Sexy king Sebastian knows immediately from seeing Lexi that she is his life mate. It doesn't take long at all for Lexi to know its true as well. I felt the spark the moment these two meet, and the spark grew until it was a roaring fire, with heat, crackling passion, and steamy tension. The sex was incredibly yummy and I loved not having  a clue what would happen next. I haven't read a book quite like this one and I am definitely enjoying it! I can't wait for more in this new series.

Alexa's Warrior Mate gets a SPLENDID FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! The book kept me on my toes, while the romance and suspense, had me biting my lip and had me panting for more. It really is a unique story that blew me right out of the water! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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