Monday, October 26, 2015

ARC Review - Rescued By Tordin by Mychal Daniels


Curvy, intelligent and focused, Kyra Simmons has her eye on the prize. She’s locked her sights on becoming the top technical engineer for the most prestigious space program back on Earth. That is, until her life and plans are turned upside down in an instant on board a maintenance Space Station. 

Stranded on the now failing Space station, Kyra needs a miracle to survive. She has no idea that the ‘foreign’ astronauts who show up to rescue her are out of this world—literally. 

Warrior Lord Tordin, Crown Prince of Olodia, knows he’s outside of the Mandates of the Intergalactic Alliance when he intercedes to rescue the survivors of the Earth space station. But there’s something or someone pulling him in. 

He’s not prepared for what he finds in the unassuming Earth female. Try as he might to stay away, the pull grows stronger and stronger to be with her. His mission depends on his ability to stay focused and be prepared, but that’s almost impossible with Kyra in his thoughts and dreams. 

On the alien mother ship speeding away from Earth forever, Kyra’s biggest problem is not getting back to Earth; it’s how not to fall for this alien Warrior Lord whose the actual man of her dreams. 

Can she find a way to realize her dreams of power and recognition now that she’s been rescued by Tordin? 


I was so happy with Rescued By Tordin by Mychal Daniels. It was fun, daring, sexy, and as good as Laurann Dohner's Zorn or Cyborg series! I freaking ADORED Kyra! Not only is she curvy but her temper matched her wonderfully sassy personality. I love her take no crap attitude and how incredibly brave and smart she was. Tordin was a sexy alien man that was surprisingly sweet, protective, caring, and a total delicious alpha. This book was jammed full of awesome-ness! From danger, to sizzling romance, to tons of action, this book had it ALL! I am totally captivated by this series and am dying for the next one! 

Rescued By Tordin was wonderfully written with some great characters and a terrific plot. I can't believe I haven't read this book sooner. I loved this book! The cover appeals to me in so many ways and will have romance readers ogling the cover. Once they read the blurb though, No doubt it will have them buying the book and diving right in. 

This book gets a FABULOUS FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! Its an action-packed scorching romance that will have readers wanting more books featuring these sexy aliens!   

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