Thursday, October 22, 2015

ARC Review - Safeword Interrupted by Dakota Trace


A Dom who thinks he has it all… 

Deacon Willis has lusted after his friend, Bethany for years – but has kept his distance, not wanting to alienate one of the most important women in his life. Not only is she the manager of his bar, she’s also the best friend he’s ever had. But all that changes one fateful night when he realizes Bethany’s desires run just as dark as his own. Once witnessing her need to submit, he’s determined to show her, that only he can give her what she needs. He’ll be her Dom and she’ll be his cherished submissive. Hopefully it will be enough to make her happy, because he’ll never be a family man. 

A sub who’s about to lose it all… 

Bethany Adams has been in love with Deacon for years, but knows his reputation. He’s a love ‘em and leave them type, never settling on one woman long. It isn’t until she walks in on him dominating another woman that she realizes he could give her everything she needs – a firm hand and a strong man that can fulfill every one of her submissive fantasies. But what happens when her deepest fantasy becomes a reality? 

Will Deacon stick around to be a father to his child…or will he walk away, taking her heart with him?


Safeword Interrupted by Dakota Trace was powerfully erotic, romantic, and perfectly edgy! Deacon and Bethany had some amazingly good chemistry together. I loved the wonderful wicked things he did to Bethany and I enjoyed watching her come apart and find the sensual woman she truly is. 

I was instantly enthralled from the beginning as Bethany walked in on Deacon dominating another woman. Even though there was a part of her that was both jealous and envious, her curiosity and arousal was truly great to see. And when Deacon sees that, he knows he can now make Bethany his in every sense of the word. As the story continues, I found myself nervous as Bethany realizes she is pregnant, especially since she isn't sure whether or not Deacon will stick around. More then once I found myself biting my nails as I was reading on, wondering what Deacon would do. By the time I finished this book, I had gone through many emotions: From happiness, to worry, to sadness, back to happiness again, that I was amazed and so very pleased with the story. I like a book that can run my emotions rampant and have me squirming in my seat.

This book is well written with some awesome characters, intense chemistry, some seriously H-O-T sex, and a great plot, its no wonder that I gave Safeword Interrupted by Dakota Trace a SMASHING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It deserves every single star PLUS ONE! I LOVED IT and recommend it to EVERYONE who loves erotic romance. 

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