Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ARC Review - Gathering Darkness: A Paranormal Romance Collection


There is a gathering on the horizon... It's a place where Vampires feed off your desires, Weres dominate you, Demons seduce you and Aliens whisk you away to fulfill fantasies you never knew you had. Where your darkest appetites are sated, leaving you weak and breathless... Come and join us as we lead you into the Gathering Darkness.


Close Liasons by Anna Zaires & Dima Zales:

Close Liasons was splendidly good! I loved the storyline and the characters. For a novella, I felt it was perfectly spaced out and I didn't feel like it was actually a novella. The story is sexy with one delicious looking alien and the woman that captures this particular Krinar's heart. It had the right amount of sexual tension that had me perfectly on edge. If you like a story similar to S.E. Smith's The Alliance Series, then you are in for a REAL treat with this fabulous novella! Close Liasons got a HIGH FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a sexy, galactic good time with just the right amount of action and drama that will keep you coming back for the next book. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

The Time Stopper by Dima Zales:

Dark, thrilling, and downright wicked! This is what I thought when I finished reading The Time Stopper by Dima Zales. This is the kind of romance that has me biting my lip, and that keeps my heart pounding as I read along. The characters are so damn good while the plot thickens beautifully for a novella. I definitely will want another story by Dima Zales! It is precisely why I gave this book a SOLID FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its full of action, suspense, and incredible romance. LOVED IT!

Shifted Undercover by C.E. Black:

James Bond meets Underworld! Freaking FABULOUS! I love C.E. Black's style of writing and the amazing characters she creates. And this story has it all: Secret agents, sexy shifters, sizzling romance, and surprises that will have your mouth gaping open. Like I said, FABULOUS! I gave Shifted Undercover a STUNNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Of course with this amazing series, its no wonder this book got a Five Stars! I can't wait for the next book. 

Capturing Her Bear by Charlie Daye

This book had me on my toes from the first few sentences. We start off on edge and it just continues till the very end of the story. I loved how we had a human woman who was captured and expermented on AND MADE into a shifter against her will. And when she escapes and her mate finds her, its a race against time as he not only saves her, but rescues another kidnapped shifter. This was a sizzling, thrilling adventure with twists and turns at every corner along with some seriously H-O-T sex! For the first book in this new series by Charlie Daye, I had to give this an AMAZING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! I was captivated from the first sentence and am looking forward to more stories in this series. I really hope to see a full length novel in this series. Well Done! Definitely A MUST READ!

Bitten By Choice by Izzy Szyn:

This story a great read for me. I try to avoid books that have step siblings in it because I always think there is a romantic connection involved and that just doesn't do it for me. But I was happy to find out as I was reading that in this story, the step siblings don't fall in love. It just involves one step brother who hires is step sister as an escort for some seriously sexy vampires. One male and one female, which is kind of new for me, but was surprisingly pretty hot. This book was rich in sensuality, romance, and memorable moments. I would for sure be checking out more stories by Izzy Szyn in the future! Bitten By Choice got a FIERY FOUR SHOOTING STARS! 

Let The Fur Fly by Jennika Snow:

Dangerously wicked with one bad-ass alpha male and one female who is in major heat who needs said bad-ass alpha to relieve her. I was stunned by the intense sexual heat between Beau and Hannah. I could practically feel her tension as her heat increased and when he met up with her where she worked and got up all in her personal space, the tension go so thick, I could practically see the flames beginning to crackle! SO. GOOD. Let The Fur fly got a SMOKIN' FOUR SHOOTING STARS! Intense, sexy, breathtaking. I want MORE please!

Red's Wolf by Jennika Snow:

We get another scorching tale by Jennika Snow in this story. This time, it has a slight twist to a fairytale classic. I found this book to be wonderfully dark, sensual, and pure fun. I loved the HOT sex, suspense, and oh so yummy romance. It is another book that is incredibly intense with one wild man, and one surprisingly wild woman that is just as shocked by her own sensuality that is hidden beneath her red cape. YUM! Red's Wolf is heart-poundingly good that I had to give this the HIGHEST rating I could, a FULL FIVE SHOOTING STARS!

Walking Dead Girl by Lili Saint Germain

This story in the Gathering Darkness anthology was a bit more dark than I expected. Even though it was an overall good story, it didn't feel to much like a romance for me. I think this is a wonderful story for those that love paranormal things, but if your looking for romance this just has maybe a sprinkle of it. I did like the general plot and the characters were interesting enough. However since it didn't have as much romance as I was hoping for, I only gave this one a THREE SHOOTING STARS! 

Dragon's Chase by Mina Carter:

Two dragons on a mission, with one determined to win his mate and the other determined to get him off her tail? OH YEA, this book had AWESOME written all over it! I have always enjoyed Miss Carter's books in the past. But this one I think excelled even more then I ever hoped. I loved the chase, the smoldering chemistry and the wicked charm and appeal this story had. I was captivated alone by the synopsis and was even more thrilled with the characters and writing as I was reading it. I am now a LOVER of all things Dragons, especially when its Mina Carter writing about them. Dragon's Chase got a STEAMY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Sexy, crackling with sexual tension and amazing chemistry between the characters, it made for one heck of a great romance!

Zane by R.E. Butler

This was my first book featuring a Gorilla shifter. I was a bit leery at first but quickly got over it as the story unfolded. When this particular shifter rescues his soulmate, I was instantly in love with Zane and am hoping for more Gorilla Shifters in future books. The writing was wonderful, the characters pretty freaking amazing, and the plot was definitely a winner. Zane got a FANTASTIC FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its not only really sexy, but unique and fun. I really think a lot of people will fall in love this storyline and like me, will want more!

Captive's Kiss by Sharon Kay:

I have yet to be disappointed with a Sharon Kay story. Captive's Kiss appealed to me in more then one way. I enjoyed the carnality of the story along with the warrior rescuing the woman that he thought originally betrayed him because she worked for the enemy. When he realizes that she isn't in league with them though but instead is a prisoner herself, he does EVERYTHING in his power to rescue her and show her the kind of love and devotion she deserves. This story had some terrific action along with the perfect amount of suspense and edge that will keep readers happy. The plot was written to perfection and the characters were some of the BEST characters that were ever written. I am HOOKED on this new story! Captive's Kiss got a FULL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Edgy, sensual, action packed and loaded with romance, this book had it all and then some. A MUST READ for those that love books by Tina Folsom or Lara Adrian.

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