Monday, May 4, 2015

Abbey's Protectors (Beckett's WOlf Pack, Triad Mates 4) by Lynnette Bernard ARC Review!


(Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, Wolf Shifters, HEA)
Abbey Tyler is a successful business woman who has made one huge mistake. She married a man who only wants control of her business and her money. He is willing to do anything to get them--including killing her. To make sure that doesn't happen, she does the only thing she can think of. She runs.
Hunter Stewart and Clayton Forest are the gorgeous heartthrobs of Beckett's Wolf Pack. They're perceived as players who want nothing but a succession of dates and a good time. But they're dedicated police officers who protect Beckett's pack and the members of the human community. They long for the time when they will find their triad mate.
The Fates have destined Abbey to be the woman who will ease their loneliness and heal their souls. Her dream of finding love and having a family will finally come true as long as Hunter and Clay can protect her and their unborn child from her husband.


Abbey's Protectors is definitely my favorite book so far in the series. To me, nothing is sexier then a couple of gorgeous men in police uniforms, coming to the rescue. Except maybe a couple of gorgeous officers coming to the rescue of their mate and not realizing it till the moment they catch her scent. I liked Abbey a hell of a lot. The fact that she has this amazing connection to Hunter and Clay even before they meet is astounding. Add in the fact that her daddy's spirit and that of an unknown pretty and trusting woman, telling her to trust in them was beyond magical to me. I loved the gentleness these two officers show their mate and the completeness they seem to have from one look, touch, smell made me completely giddy.

This story was stunning to me. A smart woman escaping from her dangerous partner and making it alive to her destiny with her TRUE mates, who are beyond happy and excited to finally have found their one, made me want to shout for joy and sigh in complete contentment. Out of all the triad couples so far in this series, if I could choose just one couple to be my #1 it would DEFINITELY be Abbey, Hunter and Clay. Their bond to me, felt the strongest and most appealing. The story spoke to me a lot more and if I could give this book a TEN I would do a heartbeat!

Since I am unable to rate this a ten like I want, I am going to give it the next best rating, A SHINNING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its beautiful, heart-warming and beyond sexy as hell. I love the close bond and the cherished moments that Hunter, Clay, and Abbey seem to have together. The secondary characters are just as appealing and will leave you curious and wanting more. I do advise however, that you read this series IN ORDER! There is no way you can enjoy this series fully without doing that. Everything is connected and continues in previous books, so please read IN ORDER. 

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