Friday, May 15, 2015

Claiming Lainey (Cowboy Mates, Psychic Connections 3) by Lynnette Bernard ARC Review!


(Paranormal Cowboy Romance, M/F/M, HEA)
Society doesn't allow for three people to love each other. Lainey Markham knows this and is heartbroken. She has loved Tim Hughes and Spence McKade since she was a child and refuses to choose one man over the other. They call her their bridge. When she touches both of them, everything feels right, but she denies what is meant to be so her men won't be hurt.
Spence and Tim have finally come to the realization that Lainey is their destined mate. They are determined that it's about time Lainey realizes it, too. She is the woman who will be their friend, their lover, and the mother of their children. The hell with what society says. They will pursue her with purpose and will not give up until she is committed to them, living in their home, sleeping in their bed, and carrying their babies.
Note: It is suggested that the previous titles in this series be read first for continuity.


Claiming Lainey is the first book in Lynnette's Cowboy Mates series that include a menage relationship. I thought this was a nice solid story with realism do to what I assume, couples in this type of relationship would have in a menage relationship. It showed the complexity and tenacity of people going through a relationship and what they are willing to do and sacrifice to be happy and live the way THEY choose instead of what society thinks should happen. Claiming Lainey touched me with this story just because of that element and had me tearing up a few times as well as sighing over the men and the way they were determined to go through hell to claim Lainey.

As you can probably guess, I fell a little bit in love with Tim and Spence. Both men were great with each other, and they were both dedicated to Lainey's happiness and well being. Lainey was a real sweetheart even if she was a bit stubborn. She had a tenacity about her that was both cute and refreshing as well as a innocence that made her perfect for both Tim and Spence. 

I did notice that some of the story had a repetitiveness to it, but with it being a full length novel and plus with the way the characters thought and how they tried to fight what was really meant to be, it made sense that there was a bit of repetitiveness. But in my opinion, it was well worth it and a great read nonetheless. I gave Claiming  Lainey an OUTSTANDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its sweet, sexy, and hot and the same time! It will leave you breathless and in need of VERY cold shower. Lynnette Bernard, you are one hell of a great writer!

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