Wednesday, May 27, 2015

All Or Nothing by TL Reeve ARC Review!


Quin Abraham had it all. A great job, a nice apartment, and a loving Master—or so she thought. Starting over is never easy, but is flying across the ocean to Spain the right decision to make? 

Joaquin de la Fuente never expected to find love the minute the sexy submissive Quin Abraham, walked through his door. On the first day on the job, she tore apart his business model and captured his heart. 

After a night at the Villa, Joaquin offers her a contract—six weeks to learn once more what it means to be a sub. No strings attached. However, agreeing to the terms and following through is harder than it seems. 

Can Quin overcome her fears and accept Joaquin as her Master or will she be as her ex claims, good for nothing? 


I don't read a lot of short stories, but when I get offered to read ones that are written by TL Reeve, I don't hesitate because I know she will make it good for me. And I didn't get disappointed with All or Nothing. This was a truly captivating read. It was so erotic that I found myself pausing throughout the story to fan myself and to jump in to a cool shower to settle down. I absolutely LOVED the name for our hero, Joaquin de la Fuente. It sounds exotic and erotic at the same time! 

This short story is about a young woman who had everything she could want: A great place to live, a job she loved, and a master who she thought adored her. Things unfortunately isn't what it seems and soon everything is gone along with the Master who uncollared her in front of the whole club. I REALLY felt bad for her and understood her need to try to keep her distance from Joaquin at first. But with his sexy determination and his strong will, soon Quin is submitting to him and falling for him.

To say this story was pleasing is putting it mildly. I loved the idea of the story and enjoyed every second of it! Every time I finish a story by TL Reeve, I keep hoping and praying that the next one, will be even longer because I find her work just that irresistible! I give All or Nothing a FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its delicious and wicked and will give every erotic lover out there a taste of the forbidden! 

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