Wednesday, May 6, 2015

ARC Review of John's Vision (Cowboy Mates, Psychic Connections 1) by Lynnette Bernard!!


(Paranormal Cowboy Romance, HEA)
John Blackstone knew the moment he saw Jamie that she was his mate. His vision has given him a glimpse of the woman who will fill his life with the love and acceptance that he craves. She appeared to him completely naked, beautiful, and pregnant, but the sadness in her eyes has always haunted him.
Jamie Montgomery's life has been one of isolation. She has always taken care of everyone else and has learned the hard way that love will not be a part of her life. That horrible night so many years ago shattered her hopes for the future. A future with her would hold only emptiness.
John knows better. Jamie is perfect for him. She will bring fun and caring into his life. She will accept him, his mixed heritage, and his need to dominate without reservation. She will be the mother of his children and the keeper of his heart.


John's Vision threw me out of the water with how unique yet sweet it was. Lynnette came up with one hell of a unique yet sexy storyline for this series. Its different then her Triad Mates series and its that difference that is both refreshing and welcoming. We still get that paranormal feel, but we also get something a bit more refined and charming. I liked how John had such a unique mixed heritage. The fact he is part Italian and Native American created an almost crystal clear picture of what he looked like, and he was DAMN FINE! But just like with the Triad Mates series that I love, we get that strong connection between the man and woman that is beyond just simple attraction. The fact that there is a pull that is more then just pure lust, is something to be treasured.

I adore how Miss Bernard writes her stories. Her characters feel both alive and real to me. I love John's spirit and Jamie's kind heart and gentle soul. They felt well suited together and once they got together sexually, that connection they share got stronger and more pronounced. John's Vision had a good strong plot that fit the storyline nicely. I liked the writing, characters, passion, and of course, that psychic connection that pulls the characters together. 

I give John's Vision a FOUR SHOOTING STARS! For the first book in this series its damn good and has me craving more. Lynnette Bernard is a talented writer. Make sure to check her and her books out today!

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