Thursday, May 21, 2015

When You Were Mine (Second Chances 2) by Michelle Roth ARC Review!


[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, spanking, HEA]
When Cora Blanchard said goodbye to Jamie Connolly seven years ago, she knew she'd have to see him again eventually. What she doesn't expect is for all of the old feelings she thought she had let go to come rushing back to the surface. It was as if nothing had changed. Fresh out of a highly publicized train wreck of a relationship, Cora is afraid to trust in those feelings or in herself. She tries to remain friends with him, but she's just fooling herself. There's no way she can be with him and not want more.
The moment that Jamie sees her, he realizes that seven years of silence and two thousand miles haven't changed his feelings. The only thing that has changed is Cora. He sees a sadness in her eyes that was never there before. Just as Jamie is starting to earn her love and her trust, someone threatens to tear them apart forever.


I am going to be honest, the beginning of this story was a bit...dull for me. It wasn't until several chapters into the story that it became a better and interesting read. I did like the characters and the plot made sense and wasn't really complicated, while the story flowed at a good pace once we got past the first few chapters, and the general story itself was pretty decent. 

The sex was pretty damn good! I loved the spanking scenes and thought they were steamy and sensual. Its not a super long story but just long enough to be perfect. The beginning of the story made me think of what its like when I go to one of my niece's or nephew's birthday parties. The kids in one area and the adults in the kitchen. The situations were plausible and could easily have happened in real life so this made the characters and situations a bit more real to me. 

I gave a THREE SHOOTING STARS to When You Were Mine by Michelle Roth. I do wish there was more enthusiasm with the characters at the beginning. I didn't really feel a lot of passion until Cora and Jamie started making love, then the passion became sizzling and the sex scorching! Even though I didn't find the story to be a super read, it was still good and well worth reading.

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