Friday, May 22, 2015

Fated For Mikayla (Wolves of River's Bend 3) by Suzette Rose Cauler ARC Review!


Mikayla Lowell loves hard. When one of her best friends goes missing, she leaves the shifter community of River’s Bend to look for her in the big city. No good deed goes unpunished, though, and Mikayla is kidnapped by two men claiming to be her mates.
Wolf shifters Jack Marrok and Hunter Lyall never expected to kidnap their own mate, but it’s the only way to protect her from a ruthless evil. Then comes the hard part. Not only do they have to convince Mikayla to trust them, but they also have to get her safely back to River’s Bend, a task she doesn’t make easy.
Despite the powerful mating bond, things are not simple for the trio. Mikayla loves River’s Bend and intends to spend her life there, but Jack and Hunter vow never to live under an alpha’s rule again. Can love flourish despite their differences? Will a threat to River’s Bend destroy everything they hold dear anyway?


I have been a HUGE fan of Suzetee's Wolves of River Bend since the first one, and when I had the opportunity to read and review her third book in the series I was both excited and a bit leery. I was excited because it was another book in the series and since I enjoyed the first two books in the series, I couldn't imagine passing up on the third. However, I was leery because there is a bit of sex in partial shifted form and to be honest, that had me cringing, wondering how bad it could be. Especially since I try to avoid books with that time of sex in it since it creeps me out. So I am pleased to say the sex was not even close to being as bad as I imagined. Thank goodness! 

I loved the whole kidnapping the mate theme that was going on. I always find that to be seriously HOT and Jack and Hunter definitely made it HOT HOT HOT. Especially as they kidnap her to protect her from someone that is beyond dangerous. The moment they kidnap Mikayla, Its hard for these three to hold back their hunger for each other. All three feel the passion brewing between them and the sexual tension is electrifying and crackling. The characters battle each other as they try to find their common ground but they also come together beautifully as well. The story is written good with very little errors. Jack and Hunter are some seriously delicious men. They treat their mate like a queen and they do their very best to keep her protected, loved, and happy. Mikayla is a tough as nails woman. She loves her mates and friends and home fiercely. I liked these main characters a WHOLE LOT. They are definitely made for each other.

Suzette did an amazing job with Fated For Mikayla. From cover, to title, to the story itself, it had me on the edge of my seat, squirming, panting, and sighing the whole way through. Not to mention at times biting my nails while I wondered what would happen next. I ate this story up in a matter of days because it was so good. I gave this an AMAZING FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! It got exactly what it deserved and I am so glad this book turned out better, and sexier then I could of imagined.

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