Friday, September 16, 2016

ARC Review - Reclining Nude by Fifi Flowers!


Set to interview Matisse expert and curator Pierce Marten in a Chicago loft, freelance art writer Julia Van Rothfelder is mistaken for an artist's life model. 

Finding herself reclining nude posing for a handsome casually dressed curator, nothing like what she had imagined, a well-groomed man in a business suit enters the artist loft. 

As Julia surveys the two men standing before her, she wonders...

Who is the new man? 

Who is the man behind the canvas? 

And better question, why am I nude?

This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adult readers only


I was completely fascinated with this story. Not only was it entertaining, it was very interesting to see things through an artists eye as well as a life model for an artist. I was pleasantly happy with this story. I liked the characters. They each are unique and wonderful and full of life. I had fun reading this book and enjoyed the chemistry and the events. 

I loved seeing things through an artist's eye. And it was full of spice, sexy interludes, and steamy moments. I never thought I would like a book like this but I did, very much and was entertained and content with this story. Fifi Flowers takes a different path with writing. She writes stories that are full of surprises and never ceases to amaze. 

Reclining Nude gets a STEAMY FOUR SHOOTING STARS! Its definitely worth reading this book. Who wouldn't want to find out what happens with a blurb like we get with this book? 

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