Friday, September 16, 2016

Review - Choices (Alpha City 3) by Bryce Evans!


As the Alpha of his Jaguar clan, Judd Walsh is supposed to be open minded and objective in all decisions. However, he draws the line when it comes to vampires. A vampire stole the life of someone important to him, and he would rather be protecting anyone else. Until a pretty vampire sparks his jaguar like no one else ever has. 

Maggie Lamont came to Alpha City to join in the fight to protect her people and others like them. As a healer, her blood can bring shifters and other magical beings back from the brink of death. Her life unexpectedly takes a left turn when she saves the life of a pack princess, and she comes face to face with Judd Walsh. 

Once lit, the fires of the mating call can’t be extinguished, and these two reluctant souls are caught between a rock and a hard place. Neither desires a mating, but neither can walk away. Faced with the continuing battle for all their lives against the dangerous Claudia Blackwood, the choices they make today, will certainly affect all of their tomorrows. 


Bryce Evans did it again, she wrote another fabulous paranormal romance that I devoured...HAPPILY, with Choices, the third book in her Alpha City series! I fell so SO darn hard for Judd and Maggie's story. I loved that we had a jaguar shifter and a vampire couple. It was unique and special and had a bit antsy type feelings as everyone tried to find a way for these two to be together. 

This is one of those books that you find yourself biting your lip as you turn page after page, wondering how things are going to come together. Judd and Maggie had such an amazing sizzling chemistry together as they try to hold off on pleasure, as they figure things out. It created such a sexy tension that was mouth-watering and hot as hell! I am really addicted to this series and freaking Judd was SOOOOO HOT! Maggie is such a great heroine too! Sweet, tough, compassionate, its hard not to like her.

Choices gets an OUTSTANDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its exciting, thrilling, sexy, full of sparks and danger and lots of great romance. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

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